Saturday , August 15 2020

2020 Elections Raul Diaz Kanseco to Dismiss Akin Popul's Congressmen: "Take a Step Away" | Politics

Former Republic Vice President Raul Diaz Kanseco said on Saturday that dissolved members of the People's Action should "step down" and allow new generations to participate in the 2020 legislative elections.

In statements to RPP, the businessman said the departure of prominent representatives of that political group would give them the opportunity to "prove that they are a renewing party".

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"My personal opinion, which is not of the party, is that those peers who have done a great job give the new generations away because public opinion is too polluted. We will show Peru that we are a renewing party, "he said.

On the other hand, consulting on the possible integration of a former member of the Salvador del Solar Council of Ministers into popular action, Ten Kanseco Terry said that if his wish to belong to the party were fulfilled, it would be assessed in internal elections.

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"If Mr. Salvador del Solar wants to enroll in Akin Populas, like all of us, we go to the internal elections. Of course I applaud him and all those who, like him, have a civil service, "he continued.

Finally, he felt that Del Solar Labart served as prime minister in a "complex era" because of the constant differences between the legislature and the executive.

"He has tried to reconcile in a dialogue with the deaf and who has lost ground," he concluded.

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