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Victory or disappearance for KrF

Kjell Ingolf Ropstad has to create a clearer KrF, which often has to provoke people, if that also greatly arouses them. Only this way can save the party. It is a victory or a disappearance.

Ropstad may be KrF's last chance to get out of the valley of the shadows. It seems that the leader of the current party sharpened, narrower and more Christian than his predecessor Knut Arind Harid I did it.

Where Haridde wanted to bridge the red, Ropstadt would mark the distance to the AP and leave. He wants to grow a classic KrF profile. Among other things, Ropstad puts what he calls family values ​​in front of the working line. The working line implies, inter alia, that public support programs need to be built up during getting people to work. Ropstad actually violates the principle that it should pay for work.

Back to the 1950s

An example is the monetary benefit. It's a KrF child. Cash support was introduced, while Valgard Sävrastad Hauglen was the leader of the party – and it has recently led KrF to the best party choice. But it was also controversial. Haugland himself was loved and hated.

The leader of the party a little: Olaug Bolestad is the leader of the Corfu after Knut Arild Harreed resigned. On Sunday, Kjell Ingolff took Ropstad as a leader. Photo: Trond Solberg, VG

KrF's family policy is already largely traded with cash transfers. Through her government participation, the party increased the child to great benefit. This is a policy that affects those of today's young women who romanticize the idea of ​​having a home with their children. KrF talks about freedom of choice for families. Others would say that such a policy is for those who want back to the 1950s.

While Harried entered the pride parade and wanted to involve gay people in the community, Ropstad spoke aloud and much about the importance of maintaining the family together. But Ropstad is not a gloomy man who thinks some people think. Haridde also deals with the family as a building block of society. I really do not think Hareide and Ropstad stand so far apart from the practical politics of these fields.

Debate on Dental Abortion

But the two are different in shape. Harrid's goal was to spread the party, make it more political party and less assembly. He was abolished the so-called. confession of a clause in the party's regulations, which means that representatives of party unions had to have a Christian faith. Ropstad is concerned that Christian values ​​will have a greater place, both in the CF and in government policy.

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And unlike Haridde, Ropstad belonged to a bastard and relentless abortion opponents. He previously stated that abortion could only be allowed in many special cases, such as rape or incest. Today, Ropstad rejects young KrFere who want to change party absences. There is a debate about abortion in KrF. Some in the party have claimed to soften the resistance of the Corfu to today's abortion law, which in any case is a broad majority. They believe the opposition is scared of many possible voters. Especially in women.

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Political earthquake

Ropstad also advocated a more modest KrF as a party that would rather deal with money making than to use them. Believe in the one who wants. Anyone who has been watching KrF in recent years has noticed that this is an expensive game. Almost all proposals relate to increased costs. KrF wants to give everyone, and hardly tells anyone.

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Ropstad took over the party that was through a political earthquake. Last fall, "all of Norway" followed the election of the party on the road: Red or Blue? Should KrF enter the government with the head of the department Jonas Gahr Støre, or with the conservative leader Erna Solberg? An extraordinary national assembly will decide after all the countries in the county will speak about them.

Tens of thousands watched live council meetings, including VGTV, Telemark and Ostfold, Rogaland and Nordland. From all over Norway. Many of those who stood at the preacher were ordinary citizens who spent a lot of free time in the struggle for issues in their neighborhoods. KrF politicians who few know who they are, but who often use Sunday to read the case documents before the session of the Municipal Council Council. Such elected representatives across all of Norway.

In the local elections

What happened this fall was a party democratic party and a grassroots activism for all of us. It also showed us a profound division that went through KrF, a small party in the center, looking for itself. Blue, with the arrival of the leader of the party Kjell Ingolf Ropstad I spit, catches. And KrF decreased even more.

Many central KrFere on the red side registered. In several municipalities, the party has trouble placing people in lists for local elections in the autumn. The party went even further than the polls. In particular, the party loses women and young voters.

Under the border?

But no-one knows how many members and voters lost, if the party followed Haridade and chose Jonas Gar Stort as prime minister. Harrid's heaviest argument was all future voters he could achieve with his strategy. By going Ropstands vei, KrF actually chose to keep its main selectors, especially to the south and west, rather than focus on future growth in other groups of voters.

Based on the polls that were held today, everything suggests that KrF rages on the tape of the next parliamentary elections. It also means out of government. When Roppad takes over the leader of the party this weekend, he has a lot to earn. And even more to lose.

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