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VG considering Manchester United and Liverpool – VG

ALONE AND JOOVO: Alexis Sanchez (left) barely got anything in United, Paul Pogba is up and down, while Mohammed Salah and Virgil van Dijk lift Liverpool to the European top.

On 12 September 2015, Manchester United and Liverpool met at Old Trafford. Two stupid giants.

United came in fourth under Louis van Gaal a few months before Brendan Rodgers led Liverpool to sixth.

United positively: De Gea – Darmian, Slamming, Blind, Shaw – Carrick, Schweinsteiger – Mata, Herrera, Depay – Chelaini.

Liverpool: Minjolette – Klein, Skrtel, Lovren, Gomez – Milner, Leiva, Cannes – Fermino, Benteke, Ing.

Manchester United won 3-1, one of the goals set by deputy and rookie 19-year-old Anthony Marcel.

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NEW MEETING: Jurgen Klopp and Ole Gunnar Solskijer ahead of last year's Old Trafford meeting. United had to make three swaps before the break, but the match ended 0-0. Photo: Johnon Peters / Manchester United

A month later, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers replaced Jurgen Klopp. Eight months later it was the end of Louis van Gaal. The next man to try to repair Old Trafford was José Mourinho.

United were number five in that season, Liverpool number eight, and it is safe to say that, since the summer of 2016, both clubs have undergone total renovations.

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Both teams have spent huge sums in the last three years.

Jürgen Klopp bought for about NOK 4.6 billion. In the same period, Liverpool also received about 3.7 billion.

José Mourinho it spent about $ 4.7 billion in two and a half years, and again about 1.2 billion.

Ole Gunnar Solskijer buy three players. They cost just over 1.6 billion SEK, while United sold for about NOK 770 million under Solscr.

But what clubs are back in the sport? There is quite a difference there.

VG Live: Manchester United – Liverpool at 5.30pm

When the two giants meet again at Old Trafford on October 20, 2019, only one of them collapses.

Liverpool are clearly the best at the moment and one of the main reasons is how much the Anfield club have benefited from their investments. In Liverpool most newcomers are raised for a few sayings, with the United often the opposite.

United have more and spend more money, but it remains a frightening little left for all billions. Here is a summary of the 2016 purchases:


BETTER TIME: Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic after winning the Europa League final against Ajax in 2017. Photo: ONONATAN SIDE / AFP


Zlatan Ibrahimovi (38)

  • Released by Paris Saint Germain Summer 2016.

"Free" must be quoted. The Swede collected nearly NOK 250 million in salary in the first season (including bonuses). A sort of United is needed, though things didn't go so well in the series (sixth place). The 28 goals, a league final, was resolved before a knee injury ended much of United's career.


Harry Maguire (26)

  • From Leicester to 880 million summer 2019.

He has every opportunity to become the leader United needs at the back. It's not flawless since you were only a few days before the series began. Keep the peace with United's missed ball. An important reason why defense is not a problem this season.


Daniel James (21)

  • From Swansea to 175 million summer 2019.

The 21-year-old did not play in the Premier League until Ole Gunnar Solskijer was selected by Swansea this summer. A short time at the highest level of course, but the opening was better than expected, even in a team that is struggling seriously.



  • From Juventus for 1.05 billion SEK in summer 2016.

You can hear 141 matches, 31 goals and 31 goals. Great when United won the Europa League and right after taking over Solskj .r. But also long disappointing times. Many quarreled with José Mourinho. Not the leader you expect now.

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GOOD START: Daniel James opens up well at Manchester United. Here he rejoices in the 1-0 goal against Southampton. Photo: Clay Kirk / AFP


Aaron Van-Bisaka (21)

  • From Crystal Palace for $ 560 million in summer 2019.

Animals, given that he only had 42 league games for Crystal Palace with him. But it has shown that the potential is great. Difficult to come by, quick and vivid in style, but can be messy and should contribute more intensely. Hope for the future.



  • From Everton for the 850m summer 2017.

42 goals in two seasons is a tribute, but has never managed to lift United as he had hoped. It was rarely achieved against the best teams, often against the lighter opposition (they have no goals for themselves in today's United teams).



  • From Benfica for 350 million summer 2017.

He has won just 14 games in a series since his first season. It looked awkward. They were revived last season, especially after Solskr took over. There is no patent this season, and the place is threatened by stopper Axel Tuancebe.

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KNOWN VISION: This is how United have often looked for him in recent seasons. The opponent has scored a goal. Here are essays from Lingard, Victor Lindeliff and Nemanja Matic after reaching the Huddersfield fall 2017 result. Photo: Andrew FATES / X03469



  • From Chelsea for $ 450 million in summer 2017.

It deserves its first season in the United (second place in the league). But weaker last season, and now it looks like he is not the man to lift United's midfield.



  • From Dortmund for 420m summer 2016.

In the club for one and a half years. Openly weak (and hurt), but picked up, especially in Europe. 13 goals and 11 goals in 63 matches for United. It has gone a bit in the league, but central to the road to the Europa League triumph. Important goals against Rostov, Anderlecht and in the final against Ajax.



  • From Villarreal for 380 million summer 2016.

The problem needs to be resolved, but many are bothered by the injuries. Great potential, through surplus wild game-style, three red cards in 74 games. Joined the league finals and on the road to the Europa League triumph.

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RED ERIC: Eric Bailey receives a red card against Bournemouth. Captain Ashley Young understands nothing. Photo: PHIL NOBLE / X01988



  • From Shakhtar for 600 million summer 2018.

Nine international matches for Brazil, very good in Shakhtar, important for Manchester City, but there is only a brief glimpse of what he has to add. 21 matches in the series, nine lost. There were 14 of them, seven of which were lost. Good away from PSG.



  • From Porto for the 220 million summer 2018.

Buy as a talent. There are no international matches for Portugal. He still cannot prove he is a future man for Manchester United. Quick and some good moments, like the shot that took away PSG's penalty.

MONEY: Alexis Sanchez could afford a great and great car in United but didn't do much on the ground. Photo: Aimon and James Clark / Aimon and James Clark


Alexis Sanchez (30)

  • From Arsenal in January 2018 (exchange with Mitchtrian, both worth £ 345m).

Financially one of the worst investments in English football ever. A huge disappointment. Earn over $ 4 million a week. Contract until 2023, rented free at Inter (where United will probably pay half the salary).

Average 13 players:


  • Third-grader Lee Grant was not rated.


WHEN AND LOVES: Virgil van Dyke with the Champions League trophy. Photo: Bjorn S. Delebek



  • From Southampton for 860 million in January 2018.

It seems to have been the most important acquisition in European football in recent years. The man who alone stabilized Liverpool's offensive thriller. It has everything – tranquility, speed, technique, physics, air force and natural leadership power.



  • From Rome for 500 million summer 2017.

77 goals and 32 goals in 116 games. Adventure of the first season, with 44 points, both brilliant in the second. Became a good striker from Rome, became a world-class striker under Klopp.

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POISONAL DUO: Sadio Manet and Mohammed Salah together with Roberto Firmino (summer 2015) form a fantastic attacking trio. Photo: Andrew FATES / X03469


United States Manch (27)

  • From Southampton for 340 million summer 2016.

Now he is just as important as Salah, but he came a year earlier and needed a little longer to reach his peak. Extreme speed, almost impossible to control. 23 total goals in the first two seasons, top scorer in the Premier League with 22 goals, along with Salah and Aubameyang last season.



  • From Hull for NOK 115 million in summer 2017.

The hole shot, Andy Robertson swayed. It has become one of the best left backs in the world, with huge offensive contributions. Perhaps the only downside is that there is no Aron Arnie Raiz class above his recordings.


ALLison Becker (27)

  • From Rome for 760 million kronor in summer 2018.

The captain of the Brazilian national team gave Liverpool peace of mind after many, many years of uncertainty. He is quite confident with the ball in his feet, though he made a few mistakes. Not one hundred percent control over field work.



  • From Monaco for $ 500 million last summer 2018.

After a bit of a hard introduction, the Brazilian learned about Clop's system. It has become a middle ground stabilizer, the game says, ball winners who choose smart solutions. They played all the matches in the Champions League in the spring.

BARKA FEROI: Georginho Vialdam (left) and Trent Alexander-Arnold cheer after Vialundum rose to 3-0 in the Champions League semifinal against Barcelona. Photo: PETER POVEL / EPA


GEORORINO Vinyldum (28)

  • Taken from Newcastle for 295 million summer 2016.

Taken from the castukasal team that has just come down. Klopp wanted a useful player, and he had been closely watched by Vignaldum since he was in the Netherlands. The manager got what he wanted, and the two goals at home against Barcelona are in the spotlight.



  • Released by Schalke 04 Summer 2016.

It is possible to claim he deserves more than 7, based on 2019. Appeared behind Lorraine and Gomez in January. He got a chance for injuries and was solid. It may be easy to be alongside Van Dyke, but there are those who believe he was better from the Dutchman this fall.



  • Released from West Ham in summer 2019.

It took when Simon Minjolette went to Bruges. It should have been a backup, Allison was injured in the first match and Liverpool fans feared the worst, but for now he seems to be a smart investment.



  • From Stoke to Summer 158 Million 2018.

Another player recovered from the relegation battle. It is very difficult to get a starting position offensively in Liverpool, but Shaqiri does not complain and Klopp gets a class player he can use when he needs it.



  • From Arsenal to 410 million summer 2017.

It is difficult to score higher than the 4 with a ligament injury that kept him out all year. Started weak but very good in the spring of 2018, including a knock against Manchester City in the Champions League quarter-finals.

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GREAT WEE: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain rejoices 2-0 against Manchester City in the 2018 UEFA Champions League quarter-final. Photo by John Botterill / Getty Images Europe



From Augsburg for 48 million summer 2016.

Klopp's solid favorite, taken over by German football. Estlander with a background of Valerenga has won just over 50 matches. Do a decent job.



  • From RB Leipzig for summer 540 million 2018.

Open with some fantastic matches but still failing to become the midfield of Liverpool has been waiting all season for. He started 16 of 46 games in the series.



  • From Mainz for 54 million summer 2016.

Klopp pulled him home and fought for a permanent place in competition with Simon Mignolet, but the final Champions League tabs didn't just ruin that Liverpool match. This fight will hang on him forever.

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  • From Chelsea for $ 45 million in summer 2017.

The best thing about Solanke in Liverpool is that it has become a good shop. Sold to Bournemouth. 27 matches and one goal for Liverpool. It just wasn't good enough.



  • From Red Star for $ 58 million in January 2016.

The server was Klopp's first purchase. He has played 14 matches, three from the start, all in the League Cup, in the other 11 he has won a total of 59 minutes. Liverpool's property, now leased to Hertha Berlin, has not been fully surrendered, however.

Average 16 players:


  • Players who have repaid loans are not considered.
  • The purchases of Vinaldum, Salah, Solanke, Robertson and Allison include additional clauses.
  • Each sums according to today's exchange rate. Sources:,, Manchester Evening News.

correction: This article states that Alexis Sanchez earned over $ 400,000 a week. The correct should be "over NOK 4 million". The information was corrected on 20 October 2019 at 10.14.

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