Wednesday , January 27 2021

Uber in Norway from November 2

Uber in Norway was a long and winding road and eventually withdrew from Norway in 2017. The issue concerned (lack of) licenses and Norwegian regulations.

Now, however, taxi regulations have changed, allowing Uber to establish itself.

The new regulations were due to take effect this summer, but were delayed due to the coron pandemic.

However, it will take effect on Sunday, November 1, and Uber in Norway announces in a press release that they will be operational on November 2.

Now comes the change of taxi

Now comes the change of taxi

Uber in Oslo

Uber writes that they will return to Oslo with the main service first. At the same time, they are launching an electric alternative, which they call Uber Green. In addition, there are Uber Black, Uber Lux and UberXXL, which have been active in Norway since 2014.

Uber emphasizes that all drivers are self-employed or affiliated with a third party company, with a driver’s license, taxi license and registered fees.

Under the new Fee Act, anyone who meets the objective requirements for a license will receive a permit upon application.

Commenting on Aftenposten / E24, Hanne Skle Tousen, executive director of the Norwegian Taxi Association, said he believed the Norwegian taxi industry would be affected by Uber’s return, but that they were ready to compete on equal terms. .

Taxi liberalization can be costly for society

Taxi liberalization can be costly for society

The new taxi rules

According to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the background to the changes that are coming now is the desire for a better taxi service for passengers across the country.

Some of the main points that are changing now are that there is no longer a requirement for a taxi to have a taxi lighthouse on the roof, and driving a taxi should no longer be the main profession of the taxi owner.

It will also be easier to establish yourself in the industry, by removing very old licensing requirements and award criteria.

This means, among other things, that it allows services such as Uber to establish and operate legally in this country as well.

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