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There are drones in Sykkylven that you can use


Norwegian Tech Award – Candidate 2

WHAT: Large and multifunction drones for industrial use
WHO: Griff Aviation

Griff Aviation builds large and flexible drones with increasing lifting capacity. Thanks to world-class design and technology, the company helps define what drones can be used for.

Griff 135: This is the first mass-produced model from Griff Aviation. Photo: Griff

In the drone factory in Sykkylven it was an exceptional year. In parallel to the development of new drones, Griff Aviation was certified as a flight factory and worked intensively to attract new clients and investors.

New applications

The need for large drones registered for the entrepreneur Leif Johan Holand, when he wanted to use professional film equipment from the air without the need to use a helicopter every time. Ultimately, potential applications are becoming more and more.

Griff Aviation has not only increased regular consumer patterns. The focus has always been on industrial standards and accurate certificates so that drones can be safely used for heavy and important tasks. At the same time, they place great emphasis on functional and tasty design. The name Griff comes from a fabulous animal of the same name.

Independent assessment:

Anders Martinsen, managing director of UAS Norway – Dronebransen & # 39; s Interesting Organization:

"Griff Aviation is a unique company on the Norwegian and international droning market.The desire to produce industrial drones and certification as a flight factory says something about the ambition of an entrepreneurial company from Sykkylven." They did not choose the easiest way to the drone industry, but probably would like to think. , with the ambition to become a leader in shipping, and to perform crane operations using drone, which will complement tasks such as helicopters.

The potential and market of Griff Aviation is great and the industrial tasks that the Sykkylven aircraft tractor can perform show that they can become one of the largest Norwegian export products from the drone industry in Norway, after Prox Dynamics. This is a new concept of using drone. Griff Aviation has aligned with leading competence communities in Drone-Norway and continues to develop its product. When their product appears on the market, it can produce drones for logistic systems. "

Lufta tractor

Entrepreneurs look at Griffa drones as a kind of air tractor, a platform that can be easily adapted to the needs that may arise. Just connect the appropriate accessory.

In fact, agriculture is also one of the most important areas of interest for Griff Aviation, where large areas can be sprayed without helicopters and aircraft, as it is now. Aquaculture is as important as the offshore market for loading and deliveries. The list of industries and applications is gradually becoming very long, as well as the number of interested parties around the world. This is the demand on the product market.

PROTOTYP: Here is one of the first working prototypes in the air. Photo: Eirik Helland Urke

New market

"We've never had to compete with helicopters, but there's a vacuum – quite a big market, how do we think today's commercial drones end up in performance until it starts with a helicopter." Skepticism is always the first reaction, but the new technology gives you completely new possibilities. about something else, production manager Svein Even Blakstad said that TU visited the drone factory later this year.

Norwegian Tech Award

The annual award is granted under the patronage of Tekniske Ukeblad.

Criteria: represent a good engineering solution or a technological or social breakthrough.

The winner is awarded in combination with and a professional jury.

The winner will be announced and the prize will be awarded to the Oslo Military Society on November 28.

Trond Markussen, Nito (juryleder)
Lise Lyngsnes Randeberg, Tekna
Sverre Gotaas, Herøya Industrial Park
Anne Kjersti Fahlvik, Norwegian Research Council
Daniel Ras-Vidal, Abelia
Mette Vågnes Eriksen, Association of Polytechnics
Katrine Vinnes, Norwegian industry
Jan M. Moberg, HERE

Lifting capabilities are something that is constantly developed in relation to future models, but the first edition of the Griff 135 will be able to lift over 30 kilograms for 30-45 minutes. Later, we can talk about hundreds of kilos.

Get a place in the van

The drones are built modularly, with redundancy in all the most important functions. They can be packed, assembled and handled normally without the use of tools, and despite the size, it is good to take into account everything you need in a small van.

The company claims that it has already acquired capital to complete the Griff 135 and Griff 200 models, as well as what is needed in the commercialization phase of the company.

Delivery in 2019

Ambitions are now ready for shipment with the first drones around March / April 2019.

The company also received development contracts for the construction of a platform, and eventually developed a completely new platform. The works are to be completed by 2020.


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