Saturday , April 17 2021

The resolution suggests changes to the map of Apex Legends

During this year's EA Play event – which takes place just before the E3 in June – Respawn will show what we can expect from the next season of Apex Legends. As expected, the new battle, the new figure figure and other weapons will come, but the developer also takes on the changes on the map.

"Apex legends" on the King's canyon site will change over time, says Respawn. Photo: EA

It was through the game's website that the head of Apex Drew McCoy hinted this week for the first adaptations of the King Canyon from the beginning of the game.

Are there any new houses here or there or major changes according to volcanoes and icebergs in Fortune is not good to say. Players who missed more news and major changes in the Apex Legends obviously enjoyed something.

Focus on cheating and server stability

The Season Two Statement came as part of the long list of what the Apex Legends team is doing now and then. McCoy acknowledges that communication with players is too poor, and the goal is to make this report a start to a more productive dialogue between fans and developers.

As it was from the very successful launch of the game in February, the fight against cheating and improving the stability of the server is still the main focus of Respawn. Over 350,000 bills were banned for an irregular game during the first month of Apex, and the developer reported steady progress in tireless efforts.

For the server part, the team discovered that some servers are overloaded, especially in the initial stages of the games, without appearing as a clear reason behind. This is explored further, and McCoy promises that Respawn will come to the bottom of the case. He also says work is being done to eliminate cases where no footage is recorded, even if they hit the target.

The Apex team is not planning to publish new content more often.
Respawn believes that seasonal updates work better for developers »

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