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– The last thing we needed – V.G.

(Liverpool – FC Midtjylland 2-0) Diogo Iota (23) and Mohamed Salah (28) secured the victory, but worried Jurgen Klopp witnessed a new midfielder who had to come out with an injury.

At the same time that Liverpool started perfectly in the Champions League in terms of full sweat points in two games, there are currently dark clouds over Anfield.

Half an hour later, substitute Fabinho had to leave the injury area, and 19-year-old Reese Williams was sent off in central defense along with Eo Gomez.

Anoel Matip is also out with an injury, and Defense Chief Virgil van Dyke is known to have been injured for some time. If Fabinho stays out for a long time, he will be crowded in central defense. We hope that Matip will reach the home match this weekend against West Ham in the Premier League.

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Concerned: Jurgen Klopp comforts Fabinho after the change that had to be made when half an hour has passed. Photo: PHIL NOBLE / X01988

– This was the last thing we needed. Fabinho felt a stretch, and that’s not good. “We will see and know more about the injury after the scan,” Klopp told BT Sport after the match.

– It was a difficult match. Very stormy. Central Jutland deserves respect. They obviously learned in the first game (against Atalanta, editor’s note) and were very good tonight. “They get my full respect for that,” Klopp told BT Sport.

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Offensively, it was also shaken against FC Midtjylland, but Liverpool started on the bench with Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino. Hererdan Shaqiri, Takumi Minamino and Divok Origi got the chance from the very beginning – without impressing.

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ENTRY 10,000: Diogo Iota just made it 1-0 for Liverpool, and Takumi Minamino comes to congratulate. Photo: Michael Reagan / BASE / GETTY PAZEN

FC Midtjylland did a great job, and in the first minutes Anders Dreyer abused a huge opportunity when he came alone with Alison, but after a bad touch he sent the finish line directly to the Liverpool goalkeeper.

It was the only proper chance to score in the first half, and Liverpool did not have a single goal finish in the first 45 minutes.

But after 55 minutes came the first finish – and the goal. Trent Alexander-Arnold played wall with Shaqiri before serving the ball to Iota. The Portuguese had an easy job, putting the ball in the empty net.

It was his third goal after the transfer from Wolverhampton, and Liverpool’s goal was 10,000 in all competitions. Ockock Smith scored his first goal in September 1892.

– We finished the job and got three points, which is the most important of all. I am happy that I scored the historic goal. Trent hit a great pass and was ready just for me, summed up Iota for BT Sport.

After the goal of 1: 0, Klopp drove in the ranks of Salah, Mane and Firmino in turn, but the whole match was soft and exciting.

Midtjylland Evander missed a great chance to equalize, and Dreyer ended up in the net wall from a good position in the field of the full back. Firmino, meanwhile, took a huge chance, and then Salah secured the victory from the penalty spot after he found himself in the sequel.

– Our main focus was to take three points, and to strengthen the position in the group. Midtjylland came here and made a good match. Congratulations to them, said Alexander-Arnold in an interview shown on TV 2 after the match.

Easy victory for City

Manchester City have lost just one of their last ten Champions League group stage matches, nor has the Light Blues returned home empty-handed from Marseille.

The results of Ferran Torres, Ilkay Gundogan and Rahim Sterling gave them the three deserved points. Kevin De Bruyne contributed with two assists. The Belgian has 88 assists for the club in all competitions since his debut in 2015-19, more than the next Premier League on the list in the same period.

The English are now at the top of Group C with six points, three points ahead of Olympiacos and Porto.

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