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The chief technology officer at Hibbest News News Media retired after 14 years

– It is strange and sad to leave the job after so many years. Hibbest was my first job and I was fortunate to work with all the talented people here, who together gave me new opportunities and challenges to pursue, ”Morten Obeykensen said in a press release.

Hibbsted is now in another phase, with a new structure and organization, and Jacobssen believes it is time to hand over the helm to someone else, the statement said.

– We have a very capable product manager at Laila Dahlen on site. Now Hibbsted can also get a whole new look with a new technology leader, says Jacobssen.

Morten Obeykensen has been a permanent employee of Hibben since 2005, the same year he completed his Masters Degree in Computer Technology at the University of Oslo. He co-founded software company Aptoma and has worked with Hibsted on several different brands. For the past five years, he has been working for the Group in various product and technology directors roles.

The way forward

– I know a lot about the media industry and how this brutal disruption of the business models that we were in demand from a large organization is changing – and its product and technology portfolio. Whether there are similar areas of transformation or brand new growth categories I want to work with, I hope I have more time to identify now, Morten Obeykensen says.

– Morten is the leader for several "generations" of Hibstein's production and technology organization, which has undergone major – but necessary – changes in a relatively short period of time. It's never fun to drop good people and good colleagues, but at the same time I have great respect for Morten now for wanting to do something different. He was a very important contributor at a time of demand for our industry and he brings valuable experiences along the way, ”says Siv Juwik Twittnes, executive vice president of Hibbest News Media in a press release.

Ongoing employment

Hibbsten is now working to find a new technology director for news media based in Stockholm or Oslo. Morten obesity is set to open in October, and Isabella Olsen immediately retires as interim until a new manager is established.

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