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The Bendtner case – the taxi driver gets fired: – a giant shock

On Wednesday, it became known that Niklas Bendtner decided to reject the appeal of violence. That is, Bendtner must pay 50 days to be convicted and pay 11 000 crowns in compensation for the taxi driver.

Taxi driver was also charged with the case, for attempted violence. Despite being released, he gets a fired worker at Dantaxi. This is confirmed by his lawyer Matt Grett Stage against Danish BT.

"Although my client is fired, he comes out of this as a big loser." Dantaxi chose to give him his resignation, said Steig.

Dantaxi's head, Jan Britze, also confirms the information for the newspaper.

– Great shock

It was earlier this month that Bandner received a verdict after the trial in Copenhagen.

The court sees no reason to detain Bendtner for immediate assistance and release the driver for attempted violence. Based on the judgment, the video is from a taxi that shows the battle and started.

After the couple left the cab, the video showed that the driver sent some nice words to Bendtner's boyfriend, Filipe Roeptorf. And in resignation, as BT received access, Dantaxi seems to believe that the driver has violated several ethical guidelines to which employees must behave.

Now he's fired.

"He is deeply unhappy because he is in Dantaxi for three years, he loves his job, and he expected that he should keep the job when he was released." He is now fired as a huge shock, says Stage.

Continue to Rosenborg

Dagbladet was in contact with Rosenborg's daily leader Tov Mo Darhaug on Wednesday evening. She calls for a press release.

Niklas complains about the incident and takes the sentence. If we make mistakes, it is important that we take responsibility for our actions. Niklas Bendtner has a working relationship with the Rosenborg Sports Club. The Danish verdict does not deal with this. We support and care for our employee, says General Manager Tau Mo Darhaug.

Bendtner has a deal with Rosenborg by 2020.

Dagbladet previously mentioned that Niklas Bendtner did not receive the prison sentence in Norway. Previously, the top of RBC was proposed can to get a zone with a sliding link because the penalty is below 60 days, but it must happen on the Danish field.

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