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The actor Morten Rohrtt (64) is dead

He went: The actor Morten Rohrt was 64 years old. Here he was photographed at the Teatkerkeller in 2018 during a walk on the play "The Tasty Old Theater", which he himself did. Photo: Marte Christianesen, New Theater in Oslo

The actor Morten Rohort died, 64 years. Many colleagues are sad.

Rort has been employed by the Oslo Theater for many years, which confirms VG's death.

– I can confirm that this weekend has died. He is one of our dear actors and this is a terrible search. Our thoughts go to the family, says information manager Margareta Magnus Mire, to VG.

The actor is currently working with the play "Delicious Old Theater", which he himself made, along with Benthey Bardson under the guidance. The game was the third in a row.

– It's a pedestrian performance that is at the Central Theater. Respect for theatrical life, where he used experiences from his own life in the theater, says Magnus Mire.

Actor colleague Bjarte Hjelmeland also mentions the actor's death in a post on his Facebook page.

– It's understandable and sad that Morten Rocht is no longer here. Good friend and colleague. Incredible knowledge and a real theatrical personality. Already missed, writes Hjelmeland.

Marian Aas Hansen worked with Rohrt in Oslo,

– He was a great fellow and actress, and really nice and good man. This was very sad, writes in a text message to VG.

The director of the National Theater, Agnete Haland, also knew Morten Rort well.

– It's absolutely unthinkable to get this message. I hoped that the longest time is not true, because this came as a shock to all of us, writes Haaland to VG, and adds:

– Morten was a great actor. Music, work and wonderful colleague. He was also a wonderful person. Warm, generous and open. We are many who will miss out in intensity.

In addition to a large number of productions on the theater stage, Rort also took part in the television series. On the television screen, he is perhaps best known for playing the character "Kato Halvorsen", a watchdog in the soap shop "Hotel Caesar".

He also voted for a number of characters on film and audio books.

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