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Telenor is affected by network problems, working through the night to find the blame

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An internal network error has caused Mitt Telenor, an application that clients can use for self-service, to run. Also affected is my business, which is for corporate clients, as well as the website and customer service.

Telenor posted the technical problems on his Facebook page as early as Friday morning.

Night to Saturday, Information Director Magnus Linn in Telenor says the following about Alexostost:

– We are still working on solving problems, but we cannot give a time when everything will work again. Our engineers will work overnight.

– Are there many clients affected?

– I do not have an exact number, but it is clear that many of our clients use these services.

You must contact Facebook

Telenor says the error has no implications for broadband and television or telecommunications services.

Telenor's Facebook page has hundreds of comments on the post about technical issues. Several frustrated Telenor customers here complain of problems with, among other things, broadband and TV signals.

"If some customers have problems with broadband or TV signals, it has nothing to do with an internal network error now that Telenor has," says the information manager. The only TV service that is affected is the provision of channels and streaming services through My Sites which are not available. Telenor has great difficulty communicating with its customers because customer service is down.

– We would like to apologize to our clients and the problems that have arisen. We recommend contacting Facebook for now, says Magnus Linne. At midnight, Telenor received nearly 1,000 frustrated customer comments on her Facebook page.

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