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Tankers and frigates collided in Hordaland: the frigate threatened to descend



HJELTEFJORDEN (VG) Milliardfregatten The KNM "Helge Ingstad" is in imminent danger of descending beyond Stureterminalen in Hjeltefjorden after the collision with the tanker TS «Sola» on a four-day night until Thursday.

published: Updated on November 8, 2008 at 13:10

Shows dramatic pictures from this place. Several tugboats are working on blasting the ship, but the frigate is expanding more and more. The ship stabilized somewhat in the last hour.

There are dozens of boats in the fjord outside the shipyard, at least three military ships and two tugboats, "says the VG reporter on the spot, which is clear at the moment, but sometimes it is a dense fog in the area.

Everyone who was aboard a frigate is evacuated. Eight people were more likely to have an accident during the accident, but they are treated.

– A reception center was established, consisting of doctors and psychologists. I met the crew, they are naturally characterized, but we care about them at the reception, "says Nils Andreas Stensønes, Navy chief.

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West Police District says that after the collision began tactical and technical studies. The Norwegian Civil Aviation Commission and the Armed Forces have also begun investigations.

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"We were notified about the collision around four o'clock, after which the rescue operation carried out by HRS was initiated, the rescue operation was later completed and now the rescue operation is in progress," said police inspector Frode Karlsen to VG

He can not say anything about the cause of the collision yet.

Here you can see where the collision occurred and the ship's movements after the collision:

Unclear sequence of events

According to the Norwegian Civil Aviation Commission, three boats participated in the collision: a frigate, tanker and tugboat "Tenax". The defense could say at 13.00 that the tug was not involved in the incident.

"Both we and the Armed ForUps Commission are on our way to the scene of the accident to investigate further and provide us with the correct picture of this event," says Bertheussen.

The frigate that collided is linked to the NATO Trident Juncture exercise.

1 out of 4Hommedal, Marit / NTB scanner

Colonel Lieutenant and spokesperson in the Armed Forces, Vegard Finberg, confirm VG that the frigate participated in the Trutka Juncture.

"The frigate completed her mission and was on her way back to the Haakonsvern base," Finberg said, announcing that the armed forces had been notified of the accident by 4:15 am.

Small damage to the super-tanker

The tanker suffered a collision, but according to NCA this is well above the waterline. No leakage from the ship was reported.

The "Sola" TS tanker is 250 meters long and 44 meters wide. The ship is registered in Malta and is owned by the Tsakos group.

The Coastal Administration declares that it is planned that the tanker will return to the dock.

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According to Ole Jakob Hartvigsen's guard at station 110, there should be 137 people aboard the van, and 23 on board the tank when the collision took place.

I'm trying to save the dishes

Frigate KNM «Helge Ingstad» he was mentioned in VG a few weeks ago before the big NATO Trident Juncture exercise is still under way in Norway.

At 7.30, Ivar Moen, a spokesman for the Colonel and Press in the headquarters of the armed forces, informs that the main responsibility for the rescue operation is taken by the Armed Forces.

"We use all available capacities," says spokesman and colonel Lieutenant Ivar Moen.

The defense minister does not want to comment on the matter at present, but the ministry claims that he is following this matter closely.

Punctual tank

The fire brigade was notified that about ten cubic helicopters had leaked.

– The fuel of the helicopter is thin-flowing paraffin. Some of them will evaporate, but if necessary, we have prepared an action to take them, "says Frode Bødtker, vice president.

Deputy Director of Coastal Administration, Johan Marius Ly, tells VG that the coastal administration is mapping the stamps and flying over the scene of the accident with the Coastal Authority.

Here you can see the oil cooler after the collision:

He does not comment on the event

Ship tracking from Marine Trafficer indicates that the automatic identification system (AIS) was turned off on the frigate on Wednesday evening. The armed forces neither confirm nor deny it.

"Now I have focused unilaterally on the storage of the ship, so we will return to the operational scheme and what happened later." The Norwegian Accident Investigation Commission on Accidents is informed and they will respond to what has happened, says Moen.

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traffic ban

Police in the West declares in a press release that the traffic ban at Nordfra Sandvika in Øygarden was introduced at sea, land and in the air around the hidden frigate KNM "Helge Ingstad".

– The prohibition at sea is 1500 meters from the victims, on land the ban is 1000 meters from the victims. Traffic to and from homes that are subject to a landing ban will not be subject to a travel ban, as discussed in a press release.

In addition, Avinor has imposed a ban on traffic in the airspace over the same area. This prohibition also applies to the use of drones. The traffic ban is valid until now.

Here, all passengers from KNM Helge Ingstad frigate are evacuated by a rescue company:

Closes Stureterminal

After the collision between the frigate "Helge Ingstad" and the tanker from Stureterminal in Øygarden, Equinor decided close the operation at the factory.

– Staff at Sture who do not have emergency services are also evacuated. Closure and evacuation are carried out as a precautionary measure, writes Equinor in a press release.

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The Stureterminal terminal is an oil and gas terminal and a port for crude oil and LPG.

according Today's business Field production Ivar Aasen and Edvard Grieg were also closed after the frigate crash.

Leader of rescue in JRCC (HRS) Southern Norway Ben Vikøren says that there was a rescue skate and two helicopters in addition to the fire and the police.

Perform the action on the sea traffic radar service.

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