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T.I. – Norwegian doctor punishes star-studded "virgin check"

The American rapper based in Netflix, Clifford, Joseph Joseph Harris, 39, better known as TI, has received a great deal of international attention in the past 24 hours.

In a recent episode of the podcast Ladies Like Us, he shares very specific details about his 18-year-old daughter, whom many believe is both sensational and unsuitable for a father to interfere with.

In a conversation with program leaders Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Mohammed about the father's upbringing and role, the 39-year-old woman talks about how he talks about sex with her daughter.

There is one special statement that makes many people look red.

Joker: Rapper TI shares details of how he handles his father's role. Photo: NTB Scanpix
shocked: Rapper TI shares details of how he handles his father's role. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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The gynecologist with daughter

"Not only do we talk to her, we bring her to a gynecologist every year to check her virginity," she said. in a podcast, according to CBS News.

The rapper also reveals that from the moment her daughter Deiah turned 16, he has posted a note on her door that reads: "Gynecologist. Tomorrow. 9.30 ".

The one who reacts strongly to the rapper's statements is Norwegian doctor and author Nina Brochman, 31, among others known for her book "Vagina Pleasure" and "The Girl's Book".

Obviously, she makes a general statement on the matter, but does not hide the fact that it is crazy.

It happens in Norway as well

– First, virgin checks on young girls are abuses that can cause permanent trauma. So it's a very special thing to expose his own child to it, she says of Dagbladet and continues:

– In addition, there is a complete medical error. There is complete agreement among all experts that such checks are both unscientific and harmful, and in medical settings it is regarded as pure abuse and striking. The World Health Organization has unequivocally condemned such tests.

ANSWER: Norwegian doctor and author Nina Brochman reacts sharply to the rapper's statements and confirms that it can be seen whether a girl had sex with a maid check. Photo: NTB Scanpix
REACTION: Norwegian doctor and author Nina Brochman reacts sharply to the rapper's statements and confirms that it can be seen if a girl had sex with a maid check. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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– Are such surveys also taking place in Norway?

– Yes, so did Ellen (Skene Dahl, magazines. Note) and I had been contacted by girls who wanted a "virgin" several times. We talked to the girls who were subjected to viral examinations, where the family took them to a doctor in Oslo, she says, and continues:

– We don't know which doctors there are, but doctors in Norway do. We hope that in some way there is a misunderstood desire to get help from these doctors, that those like us know this is just nonsense – but that they can take the opportunity to help the girl out of a difficult situation. Hopefully, but unfortunately, many doctors are not aware of this and believe in myths that it can be seen whether a girl is a virgin or not.

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– Just check out the girls

According to The Huffington Post, TI's intention is to protect her daughter. He believes most children want to thank parents for not allowing "children to hurt themselves as much as they could do."

In addition, the rapper admits he was told that girls can shoot with physical activity, such as cycling and riding. However, this is something he does not trust much.

– I say, "Listen, Doctor. He doesn't ride horses, he doesn't ride bikes, he doesn't play sports. Just check on her maid, please, and give me the results quickly, "says the rapper.

Since her daughter is now 18, according to the 39-year-old, she must sign documents that give her access to her health information.

So far, DeLah has not commented on his father's statements.

However, the website indicates that the 18-year-old has been "liking" several Twitter updates that criticize her father's practice, including tweeting:

"This is disgusting, selfish and controlled (…)"

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– It's impossible

According to Brochman, who also speaks on the subject in the lecture "Virgo Fraud", it is not possible to conduct a study of a girl's stomach and come to any lasting conclusions about her sex life.

Although the study is being conducted by professionals, according to Brohman, there is still abuse because there is no medical reason to perform the test while it is totally unscientific.

According to Brochman, the retina virgin is an elastic mucosa, not a membrane – and cannot be used as evidence of either sexual activity or virginity.

SALE OF VIRGIN: An Australian documentary project has faced widespread criticism after it recruited two young men to sell innocence online. Here you can see, among other things, the girl's parents' reaction.
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– Over half of women can have sex without causing vaginal damage, also known as virgin skin, and in addition come in a thousand different shapes and variations of nature. This is what makes it impossible to look at the vagina wreath, if it is just a natural variation or if there are changes due to sexual activity.

It creates reactions

Brockman is not the only one to respond to the rapper's statements.

On social media, it almost boils down to reactions. Most people in the comment field go hard on the rapper, and many believe that what he is doing is wrong.

Among those who commented on the case was Chris Tiegan, 33, who took to Twitter after the reports became known.

"I definitely didn't think we were going to talk about virginity today. Or TI "She writes on Twitter, continuing:

"Okay. It's time to put the 'virgin' in silence."

Teigen also writes a somewhat ironic message that she had children using test tubes and that this may mean she did not have sex.

Teigen is far from alone in commenting on the sensational case. Planned Parenthood, an organization that offers free sexual health care in the United States and globally, is also responding.

"I don't know who should hear this, but being a virgin is a complex social construct and has nothing to do with the virgin virgin," they wrote on Twitter.

The organization also writes that "a virgin is one who has never had sex, but that gender has a different meaning for different people, the same goes for being a virgin."

"A lot of people don't care what they mean or what they have to say, but whether you believe it or not, you can't tell if a person had sex or not by checking their virginity," they continue.

Thursday night, Norwegian Time TMZ may announce that the podcast episode has been deleted. Both hosts write the following about the decision:

– We were taken to bed and shocked, and when we looked back on it, we had to react differently at the moment. The comments we made and the way we responded did not reflect our personal views on the team, they wrote and continued:

– We support and love women and feel they have to do what they want with their bodies.

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