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Swedish minister responds to Erna Solberg's statements on Swedish-Norwegian co-operation against right-wing extremism

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During Arendalsuken on Monday, Erna Solberg said she would work more closely with the Swedish authorities in the fight against right-wing extremism. The same day, charges against 21-year-old Philip Manhaus were continued to include terror.

"When the neo-Nazis march on the Norwegian streets, both in Fredrikstad and Kristiansand, it is very Swedish to hear," he said. Their neo-Nazis are also trying to organize themselves in neighboring countries, the prime minister said at a news conference Monday morning.

This has prompted Swedish Energy and Digitization Minister Anders Egeman to react.

"As a partnership with Norway and Sweden, but you rule the Progress Party and you have appointed Sylvie Listhouse as minister twice, so you may have to look in the mirror before you look across the border," Social Democrat Igeman writes. Twitter Monday night.

Erna Solberg wants closer cooperation with Swedish authorities in combating right-wing extremism

The blame for Sweden

Alexosten asked Solberg why he took Sweden out.

– Sweden has the largest and most organized groups in the northern region related to this. We have seen that of those who came to demonstrate, there are some locals, and then there are people from Sweden. That is to try to rise and organize in the neighboring countries. Then it is important to create resilience in Norway, the prime minister replied.

The Nordic resistance movement is based in Sweden.

In the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Igeman says he responds that it seems that Solberg is blaming Sweden for right-wing extremism.

"When she was in government with the Progressive Party, which is a right-wing populist party," Igman told the paper. He continues:

– We do not shy away from the fact that two of the attacks we saw were carried out by Norwegians. Anders Barring Breivik was a member of the Progress Party for several years.

Pointing to Listhaug

Egeman also points out that Sylvie Listug had to step down as justice minister last year after posting a post on her Facebook page where she wrote that "The AP believes that the rights of terrorists are more important than the security of the nation."

Egeman was interior minister in Stephen Lafven's government from 2014 to 2017.

Asked by Aftonbladet what Igman himself had done as interior minister to stop the Nordic resistance movement, Igman replied that Sweden had freedom of association and that several rulings had fallen during his time against members or former members of the neo-Nazi group.

– We have to vaccinate people against these confusing ideas. Both the police and the judiciary must be able to act. I think we will not allow that in the future, he replies.

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