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Stiftelsenstilsynet after revealing VG: Opens an investigation against the mission of Jesus Leger

    HELP AID: Svein-Magne Pedersen asked his supporters for support for what was supposed to be 24 orphanages in India.
HELP AID: Svein-Magne Pedersen asked his supporters for support for what was supposed to be 24 orphanages in India. Photo: Paul Sigve Amundsen / VG


After the VG revelations about the wonderful predecessor Svein-Magne Pedersen and his Mission Jesus Leger foundation, the Stiftelsen Supervisory Authority now opens surveillance cases.


VG revealed Saturday, how the wonderful predecessor Svein-Magne Pedersen collected money from the Norwegians aid projects that do not exist.

The case met with strong reactions, and requirements for police investigations.

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Based on the disclosures of VG from this summer until today, the foundation's supervisor is starting an investigation against Pedersen and the foundation:

"The basis of our supervision is the information that appears in media reports and which creates the risk that there may be circumstances that violate the provisions of the Act on the Foundation and statutory provisions of the Act" – writes Stiftelsestilsynet in a letter to Mission Jesus Leger sent on Monday .

Read the previous disclosure of VG: For years, Svein-Magne Pedersen and the Foundation have been selling prayers to the sick on the phone at a rate of 14 crowns per minute.

Set requirements for follow-up and control

On September 15 this year, Svein-Magne Pedersen asked for gifts because his foundation "2000 meets in India" in his "24th orphanage".

VG can document this weekend that the mission, Jesus Leger, never financed 24 orphans, but two. On one of them live only cows. The second is not used as an orphanage – but it is used to provide dozens of home help for children.

In a letter to Mission Jesus Leger, the Foundation's Supervisory Authority writes:

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– The Foundation receives funds from private donors and allocates funds to colleagues in other countries, ensuring management of the Foundation's assets in the anticipated high-risk situation. This in turn will give the Board an increased scope of duties and responsibilities.

The Foundation's Supervision Authority will examine whether the Council's assessments are correct and write in:

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– The most important conditions for our supervision and under the supervision of the Trusteeship Board of the Swedish Securities Regulatory Authority have an impact on whether the Council's work organization and evaluation are correct and whether the management ensures distribution and implementation in accordance with the Foundation's goal.

He must show what they gave the money to

VG also mentioned that Svein-Magne Pedersen founded the organization in Canada, Jesus Heals. Annual reports from 1995-2002 show that millions have been transferred to Jesus Heals from Mission Jesus Leger in Norway. In addition, if the foundation in Norway ceases to exist, all funds will be sent to an organization in Canada.

Lawyer Mark Blumberg, specialist in this organization in Canada, does the organization mean "He can spend money as they want," because there will be no supervision from the authorities,

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The Foundation's Supervision Body is now asking Jesus Leger for clarification on which entities and objectives have allocated funds for the last three years.

"The question is whether the management ensures the sound asset management of the Mission Jesus Leger Foundation and whether the foundation conducts dividends and implementation in accordance with the Foundation's goal, including through actions that the Foundation carries out and transmits to influence the outside world and donors.

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They also turn to the mission of Jesus Leger to answer a number of questions, including the handling of disabilities, securing the management of the Foundation's assets and a detailed overview of the ideal goals that they should have supported.

It can be an insult

Millions of dollars came to the foundation of the Norwegians thanks to donations and collections, as well as from people who called Pedersen and the prayer telephone of the Foundation at the rate of 14 crowns per minute. Svein-Magne Pedersen and his wife, Solveig Pedersen, bought millions of earnings.

In our VG, what the preacher told the sick people who came forward was revealedThe minister said his prayer could cure cancer.

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Pedersen after that, he put down the prayer phonebut still asking for cash gifts from his followers.

The Consumer Inspectorate initiated the matter of supervision over the mission of Jesus Leger in our, i they concluded that they were conducting illegal marketing, The Norwegian Health Council also asked the prosecutor's office, so the police have to investigate Fundamental healing activities.

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Now the Stiftelsen Surveillance Authority is now questioning MJL's activities.

– The Foundation's Supervision Authority has read several issues in the Jesus Leger mission, where it is questioned whether any of these conditions violate the statutory requirements and the framework applicable to Norwegian foundations, they write in a letter to the minister's foundation.

See the documentary about Svein-Magne Pedersen from this summer:

Willingness to take account of surveillance cases

Attorney Svein-Magne Pedersen, John Christian Elden, writes in a text message to VG that the foundation is pleased to be overseen:

– The Foundation is very pleased that the Office, according to VG, creates a case that all claims in the media can be met. The Foundation is convinced that it will strengthen their belief that all funds have been allocated to the planned goals. We are just waiting for a message from them directly, he writes.

The fire he wrote earlier in a statement to VG that the most important thing for Jesus Leger's mission is to help. They should refer to information from their partners in India, and the foundation had no reason to doubt it

"The mission is not a humanitarian organization, which is expressed, among other things, by giving presents to partners abroad.The mission is not responsible for projects that give gifts" he writes a fire in an e-mail.

Read the entire preacher's answer here.

About the organization in Canada, fire wrote on behalf of the mission Jesus Leger:

"The mission of Jesus Leger, accountant and accountant is that the money is used for the purpose of the foundation, and of course not for their own benefit." The fact that the money is to be transferred to the foundation in Canada is due to the fact that the law requires such allocation. Pedersen related to Canada says that it is only natural that work is continued in Canada if MJL in Norway is accounted for »

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