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Ready for more corona cancellations this winter – VG

DOMINANT: Teresa Johaug dominated women’s skiing, here from the Ski Tour in Trondheim last winter. In winter, the crown can be a problem for organizers. Photo: Terje Pedersen

Norwegian skiers have criticized the skiing season program. FIS racing director Pierre Minerey now realizes that the impending coronary situation could halt parts of the World Cup this winter.

When the World Cup kicks off in Kusamo, Finland in late November, it will be the start of about 40 international ski races in less than four months in a number of different countries. Several Norwegian runners made it amazing.

– I think we will have some matches, but I am not sure that we will be able to organize the whole calendar. But it is good to see strong motivation in the organizers and I think everything that could have been done has been done. “There will be some challenges, of course, but I am very optimistic given that we will organize some races,” Minerey told VG.

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Maiken Kaspersen Fala believes in VG that practitioners and support staff are at extreme risk by keeping to the current schedule. At the same time, infection rates in both Norway and Europe are rising this fall.

– Of course, it is to stay at home and do nothing safer than traveling around. But this does not only apply to practitioners. This is a situation for ordinary people as well, says the director of the race Pierre Miniere, from the International Ski Federation (FIS).

It is up to the national authorities to decide the fate of World Cup events in different countries. On Tuesday, the infection control protocol for the opening of the World Cup in Kusamo was approved by the Finnish authorities.

“We have no authority to set FIS rules for the whole season,” Mineri said.

It also means that there may be different rules during the Tour de Ski stage, which takes place in both Switzerland and Italy. But the FIS is now, among other things, trying to establish a kind of infection pass in the form of an application that will help practitioners report on testing and where they have been.

At the beginning of March, there was full fun around the trails in Holmenkollen despite warnings about the crown:

It is now uncertain whether positive corona tests in a team will lead to a start rejection and quarantine for the rest of the team.

– There will be no special FIS rules. National regulations should be followed. Any corona case will be reported to the authorities. “In some countries it can have consequences for the rest of the team, and in other countries it does not,” Minerey told VG.

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Beitostlen National Open Weekend racing leader Thorbjorn Brooks Petersen says racing there is on schedule, even with the government’s latest crown restrictions. Restrictions have restrictions on 100 male and 80 female runners.

– There are only national runners on Beitostlen. There are no international runners entering. There are several international runners with permanent residence in Norway. They are allowed to go. Earlier, both the Russians and the French gathered and attended the matches, Brooks Petersen told VG.

He is also the leader of the race during the World Cup in Lillehammer on the first weekend in December. The infection control protocol for this event is now being processed by the FHI.

– There are much bigger challenges in Lillehammer. People from all over the world are coming in. Bee has a bigger regime before the runners move to the athletes’ hotel, says the race leader.

This means that teams are transported from Gardermoen to a hotel where they must stay until they are tested with a crown and the test is negative. After that, the athletes will probably need to be tested again before the weekend, says the race leader.

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