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Prince William – Prince William opens for mental problems

Prince William, 36, the Duke of Cambridge, is an advocate for the British to be more open to their psychological problems. He launched the "Heads Together" initiative in order to create greater transparency in terms of mental health.

In a documentary, the prince is now open to his own mental problems. The BBC writes.

Prince William says he struggled to cope with his tragic death.

"I've been thinking a lot about it, and I'm trying to understand why I feel like doing it, but when you lose a person close to you as a young person, you feel pain like nothing else," he says.

– We should have talked

Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris in 1997. At that time, William was 15 years old.

Dagbladet previously mentioned the decision of Prince William to end the pilot's work. He received very strong impressions through his work as an ambulance pilot.

In the documentary, he described it as difficult, especially because he says he comes from the military, where the emotions were singled out. He talks about how the tragic events have become part of everyday life.

– You acted with families who received the worst news they could imagine in everyday life. The cruel feelings there … I felt that something was being built inside me, and I felt that it would affect me and that this could be a real problem. I had to talk about it, says William.

The Prince, as an Air Force Pilot Pilot, was part of a team composed of specially trained doctors, intensive care nurses and pilots who offer emergency medical services.


William and his brother, Prince Harry, had previously talked about the loss of motherhood.

They told her mother to call them earlier on the day she died in a car accident in 1997. She was on vacation in France and the boys were busy playing with their cousins.

William described him as a phone call for which he would appeal until the end of his life.

"That phone call today sticks to the brain," says Prince William.

– Harry and I were in a hurry to say so. If we only know what will happen, I would not be so indifferent to that and everything else, says William.

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