Sunday , April 11 2021

Premier League – Sari meets Solskayer: Fears motivated United players

Chelsea manager Mauricio Sari feels that it will be a tough game against Manchester United by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The Italian made a press conference on Friday in connection with the upcoming Premier League game and made it clear that he believes it will be difficult to beat United at Old Trafford despite recent disappointing results with red colors.

"It's something that can happen, but for us it will be a very difficult fight on Sunday," said Sari.

He believes that Solskjaer's players are further motivated after losing Manchester City against City.

"Their motivation will be very high," said the manager of Chelsea.

Fight for the first four

However, Sari is clear that the London team will give United a tough battle.

– It's not easy to play in Manchester vs. United. It's a good team, but we have to score points. We have to fight and we must do what we can, says the Italian.

Unfortunately for Surrey, he may need to do it without a midfielder, Nolto Kanto. The French national player is struggling with injury and is not sure about the Old Trafford settlement.

Chelsea, like Manchester United, are struggling with a tough fight to win the top four in the Premier League this season.

The London team is currently ranked 4th – three points ahead of United and one point ahead of Arsenal.

– We need to improve

However, Chelsea has bigger ambitions and Sari acknowledges that the opening of the Manchester City and Liverpool league leader is too great.

He suggests that both Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klop have greatly benefited from team development over several years. However, Surrey hopes that Chelsea will not have to wait so long to close the opening.

– We have to work and improve. This is probably the third season for Guardiola in City and forward for Klop in Liverpool. It's been a long time, but we have to close the exit in 1-2 seasons, "said Sari.

The Italian does not hide that he is disappointed with parts of this season, but believes the team is already in development. He claims Chelsea's team has become stronger and mentally and tactically.

"Two or three months ago we could not react or fight when we encountered difficulties in fighting," said Sari.

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