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Ole Gunnar Solskyer: – – I almost feel like a funeral

After a tough victory against Watford on Saturday, Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskayer did not hide the fact that the match was characterized by an awkward and slow game. He believes that several of United's players were hit by a breakthrough and a recent national break.

"You can not take more than three points," Solskyer said. But the statistics showed Watford had the ball in 48 percent of the match and that he had 18 offensive against the eight of United.

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Despite the fact that Solskjær and his men with a 2-1 win they avoided the third direct loss, the mood was heavily pressed into the wardrobe after the match.

– The atmosphere in the wardrobe almost felt like a funeral. Everyone just sat there. He was very quiet. Everyone was disappointed with their own performances after the end of the match. Nobody celebrated victory and three points, Solskayer finds according to the British "Times".

– Everyone knew the performance was worse than we expected, which is fantastic because they want players to be honest with themselves. We know that we can play much better, he continued.

Battle for fourth place

In the last match before the national break, Solskjaer's team lost to Wolves in the FA Cup semi-final. Since then, the Norwegian has signed a three-year deal with United, which means that he needs more stringent demands.

Tuesday, Manchester United again encounters Wolverhampton, this time in the Premier League.

If Solskjær leads United on the important fourth place in the Premier League, which provides Champions League games next season, the match on Tuesday is a match that United should win.

Tottenham and Manchester United have 61 points, and the third and fourth places are on the table. They are followed by Arsenal and Chelsea with 60 points, and the first one has a good game in the match.

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Possible changes

In order not to go to another loss against Wolverhampton, Solskayer is ready to make one important change in the midfield:

On Saturday, Solskjaer suggested he was ready to allow the star Pogg Pogba to play deeper on the way to Wolverhampton to ensure that United kept the ball more in the team than he did against Watford on Saturday.

– Pogba Pogba is important to us. On Saturday we could not keep the ball in the team, and we are a bit disappointed. But Paul only played two matches for the national team, where he played a little deeper role, which we could consider and include in the fight and let us dictate the struggles for us, Solskayer said, and continued:

– But that's something we have to consider from the battle for battle. As you can see, Paul can play in both ways. He can attack and defend.

Answering Gaal

Last Tuesday, former US manager Louis van Gaal continued to express skepticism about United's style under Ole Gunnar Solskayer. Among the statements of the Dutchman to the BBC, whether Solskjaer, like Jose Mourinho, "parks the bus and betts on colleagues."

– The biggest difference between Mourinho and Solskjur is that Solskjur beat the games, he added, adding that "United did not play as it was under Ferguson".

On Sunday night, Solskjaer faced criticism:

– The basic wall of any football team is capable of playing well without a ball. If you do, you have a good opportunity, whether with high pressure, low pressure or medium pressure. We must change that sometimes, he says according to Manchester Evening News.

Solskayer-cod: Although Manchester United and Ole Gunnar Solskayer played their best match against Watford, I have no doubt who is the hottest in the city right now. Video: Kristoffer Løkås
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Thanksgiving Soskerer

He also said he was happy and grateful that he took over the team that played under the guidance of several coaches. He also believes that players who played for Jose Mourinho, Luis van Gaal, David Moyes and Sir Alex Ferguson had a good education – "they know the two sides of the game."

– Louis van Gaal has the right to have his own opinion. We watched the matches, and in some games we have a lot on the field, we won the ball and dominated. He probably talks more about the PSG fight, which was a battle where we had to defend ourselves very well and contrasted.

– It's about where you will win the ball. You want to defend yourself so you can return the ball and move forward. You have to win the attack ball, and for me there are two ways to do this. Why not attack quickly if you have an opportunity? As long as you get the ball with the intention of attacking it, Solskyer says.

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