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Novel List – Revealed: This Is What "Everyone" Wants To See On Netflix

[Nettavisen:] Netflix is ​​today the largest streaming service in the Western world with around 150 million subscribers.

However, the entertainment giant holds the cards close to the chest in terms of viewership and which movies and series are the most popular.

Both Netflix's investors and clients have demanded more transparency about the data, and in May 2019 Netflix released a review of the ten most-watched series, films and documentaries for the first time in May 2019.

It was all a test of British consumers' viewing habits – one of the largest markets in Europe. Since then, information has leaked here and there, for example through social media or quarterly reports.

The latest figures came in the report for the third quarter and were published on October 16th. These are the latest official figures before Netflix gets competition from both Disney + and Apple +, writes Time Magazine.

Lists are made up of content that is most viewed regardless of content when it is posted on the platform. The user must have completed more than 70 percent of the movie or episode to be eligible for review.

Here are the most popular Netflix movies and series by Time:

Orange is the new black (2013-2019): 105 million views

Mystery of Murder (2019): 73 million views

Stranger Things: Season 3 (2016-): 64 million views

Triple Frontier (2019): 63 million views

Perfect Date (2019): 48 million views

Bird Box (2018): 45 million views

Umbrella Academy (2019-): 45 million views

Paper House (La Casa de Papel) (2017-): 44 million views

Tall Girl (2019): 41 million views

The Highwaymen (2019): 40 million views

You (2018-): 40 million views

Sex Education (2019-): 40 million views

Secret obsession (2019): 40 million views

Our Planet (2019): 33 million views

Always Be Me Maybe (2019): 32 million views

Incredible (2019): 32 million views

Dead To Me (2019-): 30 Million Views

Otherness (2019): 29 million views

When They See Us (2019): 25 million views

Guys: The Biggest Party That Never Happened (2019): 20 Million Views

Elite (2018-): 20 million views

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