Sunday , June 20 2021

Northug was a disk

Petter Northug delivered a decent 15-kilometer classic class based on conditions during the opening season at Beitostølen, but during the interview with NRK after the test, he was informed that it is a disc.


"It can be good," said Petter Northug, when he met with the NRK with the disc.

The reason is being an irregular skater, TD Torbjørn Broks Pettersen tells the state channel. Northug does not oppose the decision.

"I think I should drive more places." There was a lot of roller skating, where we turned around, and a terrible hit in front of the technology zone. "The jury made a very good decision," says Northug.

Opposite the TV 2 mosque takes everything with a smile.

"I went for 15 kilometers of skating, today it was classic, smiling Northug.

– Where did it happen?

– I would say above all about the whole trail.

When Northug scored, he was in the preliminary third place before the scoring. But that was before the best landslides went to their destination. Despite the discs and forms far from the top, Northug was surprised by the performance
He delivered in hard conditions at Beitostølen.

"I am very surprised that I was in the top five positions when we traveled ten kilometers and we had more in front of us on the starting line, which gave me the motivation to push, even though the shape is bad.
even if it did not go quickly, says Northug, who claims he has not robbed himself.

– It is still based on nitrates and has a nitrile shape. The road is long compared to the best.

He contracted expectations

Even before the start of the Beitostølen season, Northug admitted that he does not believe in success this season. He lost 200 training hours and received too little hard work at the bank.

Even Northug thinks that the Seefeld World Cup seems unrealistic, but maybe he can make a sprint if everything hits.

During the press in front of the Beitostøl shipyards, Northug also started his career for a short time.

"If I do not tolerate training right now, it may be the end of Christmas, then I'm in the same gang several times, and then there's no point in keeping going," he said at a joint press conference, according to

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