Saturday , September 18 2021

Nordlys – Trailer pulled down in Ramfjord

The emergency data reached Lauksletta on Sunday evening after notification of the descent from the trailer. After leaving the trailer she was lying on her side.

"The driver has recovered, he does not appear to be physically injured," he told the Troms police station on Twitter at 18.27.

According to the operational director, Kåre Munkvold, the descent was not far from the exit to Asko.

"Based on what we get, the trailer does not block the road in any way to cause traffic problems, Munkvold stated at 18.40.

Swedish. Joined

According to the journalist Nordlysa, the trailer is registered in Sweden.

– He left the road on the right in the direction of Tromsø. They are about 50 meters long, before it stops and passes, "explains Jørn Normann Pedersen.

"He is good for the driver, he is not injured, he also explained to the police, and there is no suspicion of a crime, he informs the deputy police commander on the spot.

It can be closed

The police are now trying to park the car on the spot.

"We are trying to agree on a convenient time if the road has to be closed during the storage of the car," says the deputy leader.

The driver tells Nordly that he was driving after the car arrived on his lane.

"I do not know if she passed the beltway, but at least she came across the wrong side of the road, which is why I dropped the trailer onto the edge, which has yielded, says the driver.

Berging Sunday evening

At 9.30pm it was clear to store the car.

– Either one lane will be open or it will be bypassed by gamma. The entrepreneur will eventually take over the traffic routing. It is estimated that the work will last about an hour – said the operations manager Kåre Munkvold at 21.40.

22.06 The Norwegian Public Road Administration announced that the E8 will be temporarily closed due to the storage of the car.

– Manual routing and a local detour, illuminated the Traffic Center.

At 23/05, the road network announced that the road was re-opened for traffic.

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