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Ninja leans on Twitch after appearing on his channel

After Tyler "Ninja" Blevins recently tweaked Twitch in favor of Mixer, relations with his former power plant deteriorated. First, Twitch removed the verification mark for the Ninja channel, and a week ago his channel was turned into a portal that sent viewers to Twitch's alternative broadcasts.

In a recent video on Twitter, the protagonist said he understood the situation as minor on Twitter but initially decided to leave it at that time. However, that changed over the weekend when the channel that showed pornography suddenly lay on top of the side of Ninja.

– Twitch doesn't do this on any other channel. Only mine. Now, a porn channel recommended at the top of my channel suddenly pops up and I can't do anything about it. So this was the fall, says Blevins.

Further, he apologized to anyone who came to his channel and was exposed to pornographic content. He also confirms that his team is working to close the channel, or at least stop promoting other channels.

Twitch has now fulfilled his last request.

Double apologies

Hours after porn was extinguished, the usual ninja channel design was restored. The head of the Electricity Service, Emmet Yar, then stepped up Twitter to explain why the changes have been made.

– Our customers come to Twitch to see live content. To make sure they find good live channels, we experimented with showing recommended channels across Twitter, including offline channels, explained Gear.

However, he admits that it is a window through which pornography is pushed, and so Twitch has so far opted to miss recommendations from other channels. Finally, he apologizes to Ninja, saying that should never have happened.

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