Saturday , June 12 2021

Newspaper Haugesund – Soon the last chance for young women who want a free HPV vaccine

HEALTH: Figures from the National Immunization Register (SYSVAK) show that 53 percent of women who had access to a two-year vaccination program have used it so far.

The program guarantees that women born in the period 1991-1996 receive a vaccine that protects against HPV virus, which can lead to cervical cancer. Since 2009, this vaccine has been given to all girls in the seventh grade, but those who attended school have not received it before.

Minister of Higher and Public Health Åse Michaelsen (Frp) is pleased.

– HPV vaccine saves lives. Therefore, the government started the vaccine program in 2016, where young women born in 1991 or later were offered a free HPV vaccine. Almost 120,000 women have used the offer so far. This is great, she says.

Three doses

The State Council recommends that each of the target groups begin vaccination by the end of December. It is the last chance to take the first dose before the system is resolved.

The dose of two and three must be taken until July 1, 2019.

– You should take all three doses to get the best possible protection. We get some questions from women if they need to be vaccinated again if there was a longer time than planned between doses. They do not need them. It's okay to take longer than planned, says project manager Anita Dae for the vaccination program for young women.

– Strong effort

In addition to the figures for the whole country, the National Institute of Public Health also figures on the percentage of vaccinated women in different countries, municipalities and areas on Wednesday

"The municipal health service made a serious effort and put over 300,000 doses of HPV vaccines because the vaccine offer was launched two years ago. The highest percentage of vaccinated women we find in Trendelag, followed by Sogn of Fjordan and Hordaland, won Dae.

The lowest percentage of vaccines can be found in Ostfold, Buskerud and Akershus.

The vaccine reduces the risk of developing a severe cervical cavity of 90 per cent in women who have not been infected with HPV at the time of vaccination.

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