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New podium in Sjaststad Christiansens – NRC Sport – Sports news, results and schedule

Johannes Tingnes Bo was an enthusiasm for reviving after he completely broke out with four bombs on a standby during a sprint on Friday.

Also, during the hunting season, where Vetle Sjaststad Christiansens followed a new space for pallets, he got major problems with the constant series. It ended with a total of five penalties in total.

Thus, the World Cup leader fell from management to the disappointing 4th place. After the start, the biathlete stuck in the shell itself without talking to anyone. He was then returned to the award ceremony.

– He is very disappointed, says sports manager Per Arn Botan.

Thingnes Bø

CLOSED: Johannes Thingnes Bø did not do it.

Photo: Don Emert / AFP

– I think that's something strange

Thingnes Bø was standing by to talk with the training team and attack the coach Siegfried Mazet about 15 minutes before the two went to the racing office. 50 minutes after the race, the 25-year-old went out and was ready to talk.

– There was some insecurity about what happened. I think it's odd if there is too little or one shot that is not fired. I went to the penal area and felt something was wrong, and my conscience told me that I had to ask, but it was registered that everything is right, he explains to the NRC.

If the magazine was shot, it would lead to a drive.

– Shooting was terribly bad, and incredibly disappointing. After yesterday, I thought it was a bitch, but then I come today and get a new kick in my face. So, it was a reality check. The fourth place is good, but my motivation was great today, but then I get a new boom in the flare, and then it's simply boring, Thingnes Bø admits.

– I never want to be angry when I lose. Yesterday I took it as a man, but today I got two on a rap, and then a little bubbles. It is necessary, because it is the desire to be better that is so high.

Be concerned

He answered frankly and sincerely and said he felt "scared and insecure" after a bad sprint experience.

Today I will do a great job, attack more, but then I think that the fear of bombardment is in the subconscious and you do things that you would not usually do. It is very disappointing, because I was in a position for a long time, I also managed to mess him up. I have to go home to work, it continues and it seems a little smile.

The NRC commentary was very surprised by poor recording.

"Now, there is reason to be concerned," commented NLA expert Ola Lunde, after the last recording.

– When you make three such bad permanent series, it creates a lot of uncertainty. If he does not have a clear idea of ​​what's wrong, then he is blinding very blindly at the moment. Now there is a task to do, says Lunde.

This was the last individual race before the World Cup in Östersund, which begins the first week of March. Thingnes Bø was aware that it was not that sense that he wanted to bring with him.

– Now I will admit that this is in me. It is tomorrow tomorrow, the last race before the World Cup, and I hope that for the sake of God it will be good. But, nevertheless, this is a thinker, he admits.

But Thingnes Bø still chooses to look for positive things to take with her.

– It's strange to say that, but this also motivates. You will find the desire and the desire to continue your training at home, so I chose to look a little positive about it.

Christian on the podium

Sjaststad Christiansens.

NEW FOLLOWING: Vettel Sistad Christianesen.

Photo by Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

However, Vetle Sjaststad Christiansens continues to impress. Friday he exclaimed with joy when he won his first World Cup victory.

On Saturday, he was just beaten by French Quentin Phillon Maileet, who was finally 25 seconds ahead of him – and thus became the first non-Norwegian biathlon to win at Soldier Hall.

– It's not tasty as a victory, but I do not feel that I'm in a position to be disappointed with the second place, I made a very good race, but it was a Frenchman who ruined the party. But we are used to it, says Christian in the NRC.

Geilo hit ten of the ten flashes standing. It was a Christian's boom for other shots that cost him the first place.

Johannes Dale became the third best in the Norwegian. He missed three times and was on goal for 11th place. Then Henrik L 'Abe-Lund followed the number 20 by six bombs, while Erland Bjontegard won the 23rd place.

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