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Music review: Linnea Dale – "Wait for the morning" New debut


RESTART: Linnea Dale again starts her career on a really good third album.
RESTART: Linnea Dale again starts her career on a really good third album. Photo: Marianne Sky / Aftertouch


A surprising morning dawn in a career that lasted in the evenings.



Linnea Dale
«Wait for the morning»
(Aftertouch Records)

Career Linnei Dale beyond nearly ten years of refrain Donkeyboy he was an intermediary and a seeker: partly a disappointment, partly a form of resignation, one would like to admit that the Pope is flying every day. Traditionally, this third solo album should be the last nail in a career before the artist takes a breath and enters everyday life.

But some people had to forget to pass these transformation poems to the 27-year-old from Tinn in Telemark. Instead of making an unforgettable pop party, she did the opposite. Along with good helpers, she completely disregarded the fashionable, partly icy and poprock-identical poprock expression from the earlier ones. The heat is raised, the pace is reduced. It's a completely new beginning.

Those who have followed a little will not be surprised. The first part of "Favorite mistake" it was something as unusual as a song that did not try to get into the mathematical assumptions that the streaming technology loves. Instead, it stabilized with difficult rhythms and persistent moods, as if it were 1979. There are many long fingers here.

The continuation of this way of thinking gives the album general knowledge, which is both extremely mature and retrospectively innovative. It opens itself in something that might very well be in the '70s Neus or the early nineties of William Orbit. Especially the vocal strategies of the latter may be a guide explaining how Dunk, precise and smooth vocal, extends the album. Similarly, share prying and dry, but always as an integral part.

She shared songs with Sigurd Thomassen (Pow Pow) and Kim Edward Bergseth – in addition to Jonas Alaska's brother-in-law. The latter is well hidden in the title song, which apparently is a duo. Along with good people, this extended trio created a wonderful mixture of genres that moves between a soft soul and dark electronics. New details enter every listening, with the same timeless formality that the noble Norwegian band Band of Gold presents: relaxed and comfortable without too much comfort. Incomprehensibly dancing and strictly formatted.

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That's what idols did

8 beautiful songs gave Dale space for a short half hour. It contains a cute, but slightly strange place for 12-year-old Dale & A, who presents and plays a song she wrote herself. 15 years later she became a piece of her best album. Let's say that this is the real beginning.

THE BEST NUMBER: "Like a ball"

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