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Man dies after stabbing in Bergen – NRC Hordaland – Local News, TV and Radio

At 9:30 pm Friday night, the police received several reports that from five to ten people were involved in the fight at the Krug K Wien petrol station in place of Denmark and in the undercarriage during traffic jams.

The police evicted several patrols.

A man in his 20s was injured after he stabbed and taken the police to an emergency room at University Hospital Huckland with an unknown amount of damage.

Later that night he was pronounced dead at the hospital. Poor ears are being warned, the police said in a press release.

More arrested

In a large police operation, several patrols and snipers search for the perpetrators on the night in the neighborhood. Police surround the gas station. The Witnesses were deaf and the crime technicians examined the city.

A Witness told the BA that the fight was out of the laundry hall, and that several jumped to help the injured man.

Police asked witnesses of events and others who may have information in case of contact.

Early Saturday morning, it became known that the injured were dead.

Police have arrested several men in the 20's and 30's, but will not inform many of them.

– The arrests came after an investigation into the city and the information we received. We put a lot of patrols on the case and checked the ones we meet, we tell the Operator of Operations Per Algroi in the western police district to VG.

Police will investigate cases with available resources at night and in the morning.

They will not receive new information about the case before the end of the day, the police report.

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