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Karol will be a good king for his country


When the Prince of Wales celebrates his 70th birthday, he does it with Camilla's love at his side. Not everyone is equally appreciated, says the royal expert.

On February 6, 1952, 25-year-old princess Elżbieta returned to the royal hunting lodge in Kenya, where she traveled with her husband, Prince Philip. There she gave the crushing news that her father, King George VI, came to his home in England after several years of cancer.

During the night young Elisabeth of the princess went to the Queen for the whole British Community. Today he is the ruler who has sat down the throne. Prince Charles, who himself became a Crown Prince at the age of four, had a different approach to the rule of law than his mother. In the age when most people begin to prepare for retirement, Karol is still waiting for the king.

– Charles has been preparing for this role since his teenage years – and I think he will be a good king for his country when this time comes– says TV expert King Kjell Arne Totland of ABC Nyheter.

Lonely childhood

Prince Charles arrived on the world on November 14, 1948, as the eldest son of the future Queen Elizabeth II of Britain and Prince Philip. While his mother was ten years of relatively unproductive childhood until his father took over the throne in 1936, Charles felt the great press of expectations from an early age.

Princess Elżbieta admires her firstborn in a picture taken on the eve of Buckingham Palace in 1948. Fig. AP

American historian and author Sally Bedell Smith describes Charles as a quiet and sensitive child. He will see his education at Gordonstown Scottish private school as a prison sentence.

It can take a long time between each time you see something for your parents or spend a good time with them.

"Elżbieta was often away from Charles in her childhood, she spent as much time as she could with her husband Philip, who served as an officer in the Royal Navy and served in Malta, celebrating her son's first birthday, from then on abroad, separated from Charles in long intervals , writes Bedell Smith at Vanity Fair.

Prince Philip barely knew his son during the first two years of Karol's life. The relationship between them was tense and turbulent for years – in the days before Diana's marriage in 1981 Charles and Philip communicated only through correspondence, according to the author.

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Charles with his mother, father and sister Anna on the lawn at Clarence House in London, a year before Elisabeth took over the throne. Photo: AP

A polarized relationship with people

Kjell Arne Totland, as the leading Norwegian expert in the field of royal houses, met with what can crawl regally, including the throne of the bride.

Kjell Arne Totland is an expert on Royal TV2. Photo: NTB Scanpix

"I have had the pleasure of meeting Prince Charles several times – both here and in Great Britain." I experience him as a friendly and accommodating man – alive and interested in what is going on around him, says ABC News.

– What is the British relationship with the Prince of Wales?

"For many years it has been quite polarized – perhaps especially after the sudden and brutal departure of Princess Diana in 1997.

"However, I think that over the past few years I have noticed the growing respect and understanding of the successor – especially after television documents and books about it related to the 70s.

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«Perfect match»

When he grew up, Charles soon became a wanted bachelor. The press loved to write about the prince's love life and connected him with more beautiful and aristocratic beauties. His relationship with Camilla Shand, and later with Parker Bowles, was particularly well-hidden since they began dating in 1971.

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In 1969, Queen Elżbieta II visited Norway with her family. Here we see Crown Prince Harald (in the center), Prince Philip (t.h.) and Prince Charles (vol.), On the way to the Fiva farm in Åndalsnes for fishing. Photo: NTB / Scanpix archive

In the book "Prince Charles: Passions and paradoxes about unbelievable life" Sally Bedell describes these two as "the perfect match".

"Charles liked the fact that Camilla was so down-to-earth that she loved living in the country and was not interested in fashion." They shared the same humor and always heard what he had to say. It was only natural that Charles fell in love with her. , writes Bedell Smith.

In 1973, the Association ended, partly because Charles was sent abroad while in the navy. Another reason should be Camilla's "problematic reputation" because of sexual relations with Andrew Parker Bowles. In the same year she married Andrzej, but from time to time she met Charles in secret.

Father's pressure for a wedding

When he was in the early 30's, the Russian put more pressure on Charles to get married. It was expected that a potential fiancé should have a royal or aristocratic origin, she should be a virgin and a Protestant. All of these requirements were met by thirteen-year-old younger lady Diana Spencer.

Prince Charles and Diana Spencer introduced in February 1981, When they announced their engagement. Photo: scanpix AP / NTB

In February 1981, the message was that Charles and Diana Spencer were engaged, and in July of the same year the ceremony of the "marriage of the century" was announced, where they both gave their heads in the cathedral of St. Paul, while nearly one billion viewers followed the wedding ceremony around the world. .

But in his book, Bedell reveals that Charles should feel the pressure of his father to marry Diana.

The press wondered at some point if Charles and Diana had spent two nights together before being engaged, and Philip sent a letter to his son, threatening to marry her to save Diana's honor.

"He did not fall in love with Diana, he was not ready, he assumed that his father was in love with him, so he read the letter as a bulletin" – says a friend of the family, Pamela Hicks.

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– Too different

Kjell Arne Totland thinks it was a crush on the prince and boy, at least at the beginning.

"What love means," said Charles himself on the day of his engagement. I think he was taken by Diana and he could not wait to share his life with her and start a family. But both were basically too different, both mentally and in interestsHe believes.

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Prince Charles and Diana Spencer got married in the cathedral of St. Paweł on July 29, 1981. The wedding was watched by almost one thousand television viewers. Photo: AP

The pair received the sons of Prince William and Prince Harry & # 39; together, but in the second half of the 1980s it was obvious that there were problems in marriage, and in 1992 they were separated. In connection with a television document from 1994, Charles admitted that he and Camilla Parker Bowles resumed contact after the marriage with Diana began to shave.

In 1996, Divorce was official – a year before Diana lost her life in a tragic car crash in Paris.

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Before and after Camilla

Camilla Parker Bowles divorced her husband in 1995, and ten years later Charles and Camilla were finally able to announce their engagement. On April 9, 2005, there was a wedding ceremony between the two in Windsor Town Hall, followed by a religious blessing in the chapel of St. George in Windsor Castle.

"Charles will not hesitate to call Camilla the" rock, "and Charles seems to be much happier and happy in public with Camilla at his side., comments Totland.

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People felt mixed feelings when it became clear that Charles had resumed his relationship with Camilla. Not everybody liked the idea that he would marry her. Photo: AP Photo / Martin Cleaver

What did the marriage to Camilla have to say about the prince's relationship with people, and if so, the prince and the press?

"It's not going to be that some British people will still have trouble accepting Camilla as Charles' rescuers – and that this still contributes to a certain polarity in the opinion.

"But I think most people see with heart and soul that Charles and Camilla are a good team that helps and complements each other," says the king's home expert before continuing:

"Among the press who follow them all around the world, they are very popular – and Camilla is really experienced by many of them as the most friendly and gracious in the royal family.

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Before your time

While the Norwegian royal family seems very visible and sincerely happy when acting in company with each other in public space, the British royal tradition has traditionally shown something more formal and "rigid" in public places than we can be accustomed to at home here. But also in recent years we have noticed relaxation, and not only for the younger generation.

– Prince Charles and his Camilla are representatives of a more casual style – especially when traveling abroad. I experienced myself when a few years ago they were guests of our royal couple in Oslo, Says Totland.

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The British royal family can also smile, like here during the celebration of the queen's 90th birthday in 2012. Photo: Reuters / NTB Scanpix

Despite the politically neutral role, the prince expressed his opinion on everything from modern architecture to organic farming, which does not always fall into equally good soil. At a conference in Oslo in 2010, he gave the climate summits the role of an agricultural season.

– Many issues the Prince of Wales has been busy for years, and has been criticized for commenting on things that are currently at the top of the agenda around the world – such as environmental protection, animal welfare and protection of old architecture, Totland states.

"I think he still wants to show his interest in these matters as a monarch – but to a lesser extent come out of controversies that can be seen as controversial." Until Prince Charles is not a wise man, his new role will be very conscious. a television document, "I'm not so stupid."

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– Impatient man

The 70th birthday of the princess was celebrated in several ways, but already on Wednesday, November 14, the London Buckingham Palace has a reception and dinner table with royal guests from many countries. On our guest list you will find our own royal pair and a pair of prince.

In a document sent to the BBC, Prince William and Prince Harry talk about a father working from early morning to late at night. They hope that he will give in and spend more time with his grandchildren, even though they are skeptical that this will happen.

"He's an impatient man who would do anything yesterday, I think those who work with him point out said Charles's wife, Dukeess Camilla, in the same interview.

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Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, visit the Lincoln Memorial while traveling to Washington in 2015. Photo: AP / Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Kjell Arne Totland is convinced that one day we will see Karol on the throne as king after his mother. The idea that the title can be given directly to his eldest son, Prince William, quickly erases.

"Skipping a generation has never been a problem for Queen Elizabeth and her family, for it is natural for the Prince of Wales to follow his mother as the next British monarch.

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