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Jürgen Klop totally blew up Jordan Henderson

LONDON: Jürgen Klopp and Jordan Henderson play important roles in Liverpool's good days. Photo: PAUL ELLIS / AFP

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson (28) sometimes had to support the criticism of his own fans, but now he clings to the team that is struggling to become the best in England and Europe.

– "Hendo" is a fantastic captain for this club. He said it from the first day. Not just on the track, but also outside, says the manager of Liverpool Jürgen Klopp to Sky Sport after defeating 2-0 against Chelsea on Sunday.

Henderson helped in the important triumph and was named the best of the course.

"It's not part of him that does not matter," Capop told Captain.

Did you bring the pearl of the Hall with you?

Hunt two titles

The 28-year-old occasionally receives negative feedback from Liverpool fans, but is now steadily managing and has both Premier League– and the title in the Champions League.

"In the last three games he is clearly" burned, "says Klop for the midfielder.

"We need to concentrate on ourselves, work hard on the training field and focus on the next game," says Henderson at Sky Sports.

Not enough "crooked"

Lately he has been trying to make a more offensive role.

– I have new ones to play a little further. I just have to go on like that, says Henderson.

– He has a lot of energy running from box to box and he answers it better. That's his clear best position, said Sky Sports, a Sky Sports expert and former Liverpool-based broadcasting channel.

"Sometimes he does not get enough credit for his quality," said Jamie Redknapp, a colleague from Souness.

In 2017, Henderson became the culprit in criminal conviction:

Back to carry

Also in the broadcast of TV 2, the captain of Liverpool received good words from Petter Mire, former Wenger coach and Solveig Gulbrandsen, former captain of the national team.

"He's on the ups and downs, and he showed that he has a coat of arms to carry," said Myhre.

– In today's football, where money means a lot, it's incredibly important to have people who care about the club, who are team players. It is important for the culture, said Gulbrandsen.

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