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Judge Haugue's head is heading back against Soltvedt's fires manager

WRITTEN: Judge Terje Hauge, here during the elite series match between Vålerenga and Sogndal, and the sportsman Bren leading Rune Soltvedt, here with Lars Arne Nilsen in training before the start of the season. Photo by Bjørn S. Delebekk / VG, Paul S. Amundsen, NTB Scanpix

After the controversial 1-2 loss to Bren for Viking, the leader of the fire, Rune Soltvedt, called for quarantine for poorly performing judges. Judge Terje Hauge's commander appears to be a bit more.

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– If a goalkeeper gets a goal, if an attacker misses an open goal, will he be quarantined? This is not comparable and I have solid opinions about this. If the judges do something that is not within the regulations, they will be quarantined. But on the track is the man to fail, says Judge Terje Haughe.

He reacts to the sport leader Bren, Saltved, who calls for consequences for judges who perform weak matches. The games came after the loss of Bren 2-1 to Viking, where people from Bergen felt cheated for three strikes by referee Ola Hobber Nielsen. Later, it became known that the upcoming round of Hobber Nielsen would judge the highest sword between Rosenberg and Strmozgodet.

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– We understand that judges are wrong, but we also think that they need to consider whether they can be quarantined, just as the club can be punished and the players. Now that's the case, the judges, no matter how they perform, decide themselves to judge the next game, says Soltved in the UK, after first broadcasting the debate in Bergens Tidende.

Hobber Nielsen himself said this about the controversy:

– Not by accident

Haugue thinks that timing is not random, and believes that Bran should focus on future matches. Hague also calls on judges to have an opportunity.

– I understand that the consequences are being sought, but I know that it is best that Hobsinger Nielsen should come back and judge. But if it's bad over time, it will have consequences. It is important with self-esteem, self-esteem, and the fight is not enough to have major consequences.

He believes that from ten to fifteen years it is necessary to build a judge and that it is out of the question to break down due to a weak struggle. Instead, he returns to Saltvedew.

– I think the timing is bad. If Run Soldwyd came to me at Ullwal and took it, I would congratulate him. Instead, he meets me in the media, and I think a bit about it.

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– Strange

Soltvedt, on the other hand, emphasizes that the play is not about a Viking fight, but about the NFF and the system as a whole.

– We understand that judges must be allowed to return again, but I think it will be more acceptance outside the clubs if the judges get a consequence. Also, I think that the judges are illuminated that there will be consequences if they are not judged well enough and must be returned back here, considers the arms leader.

Fire coach Lars Arne Nielsen set off strongly after the aforementioned fight against Viking and called on Elite's judges to come to the training area, believing that training on fire had better judges than they were served.

– On Sunday I spoke with (judge) Terje Hauge, we called for consequences. But I do not think that our statements in the media are received with applause, Soltvedt acknowledges.

Probably has that right.

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