Tuesday , June 22 2021

Johaug superb at Beitostølen: – Demonstration of power

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Therese Johaug was excellent in her second run after the expulsion and won for the second time in Beitostølen in three days. She spent 26 seconds in front of her teammate Ingvild Flugstad Østberg.

– This is a demonstration of power. Therese Johaug is in great shape and is ready to meet with the world party next weekend. Jann Post from NRK said that it has already passed 6 kilometers.

Breathless, Johaug was satisfied with the race after finishing.

"I thought it worked today, I was actually caught, I do not often get out of the field, so I have to take it in. Two wins on the first ski slopes. I will be amazing and can not wait," said Johannes after the race NRK.

US Sadie Bjornsen finished third in 1.45.9 seconds after Johaug. Tiril Udnes Weng finished fourth, three seconds behind the American runner.

That was the day Johaug returned: one answer was the same as victory

Head to the end

Therese Johaug took over from the very beginning. Before the race, she predicted it would be between him and Ingvild Flugstad Østberg, and it was less than five minutes before the forecasts proved true.

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After 2.2 kilometers, Johaug had a 5.3-second advantage over team-mates who were over 13 seconds ahead of Tiril Udnes Weng and US Sadie Bjornsen.

A great duo

At this point, Johaug also had an advantage over Ingvild Flugstad Østberg, although it was not too far behind a runner from Dalsbygda. Returning to Bjornsen, who finished third, he approached for a minute.

The front was at least as loose and heavy as in the lords, a little earlier in the morning, and Johaug's ease lasted for many seconds in a heavy driveway. In the last few kilometers, she parked her opponents and won the second victory in the two-season season.

Johaug with a power demonstration on his return

Johaug achieved a great victory in the Beitostølen opening race in Friday. Then it was 23.9 seconds before Ingvild Flugstad Østberg and 59.8 seconds before Kari Øyre Slind.

Maiken Caspersen Falla won the Saturday sprint before Kristine Stavaas Skistad and Lotta Udnes Weng.

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