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iPhone "dinners" when you say this on it

When things go wrong with technical devices, it can quickly become serious for both users and companies, but some errors are simply not excluded. The best bug that hit iOS works on all iPhones is such a mistake.

For now it turns out that iPhone crashes only when you say the word "dash" to it five times in a row.

Say "dash" – it's completely harmless

A fairly special mistake, that is, but while Apple is undoubtedly the ball to fix the error in the next iOS update, you can try it yourself. Or simply to make sure people are still smarter than the machines, or mess on the iPhone with their friend who has not yet received the error.

All you need to do to get a fall on the iPhone is to enable the dictation feature. To do this, touch the small microphone icon in the lower right corner of the keyboard and say "dash" five times in a row.

Quickest from the search screen

Press the microphone under the keyboard and say "dash" five times.

The quickest way, if you want to mess with someone, is to drag your finger on the home screen to display the regular search screen. Then the keypad immediately appears and you can press the microphone.

The screen will appear in black, but after a few seconds it will return to great shape. The marvelous error starts with the interface itself, not the entire cell, and there are no data to be lost.

If you do not see a microphone, it's because you have previously excluded the dictation or maybe you use a different keyboard. Dictation allows you to turn it on again by searching for "dictation" or by navigating to Settings, General, Keyboard.

A bit of fun detail is that the error works in all languages. For example, in English, you can ruin your phone using the English word for a hyphen, which is a "hyphen", but then you must have your phone in advance in that language.

This iPhone error may still be unknown:
Can be crashed phone with black dot »

(Source: IT Newsletter)

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