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– I'm joking now – NRC Sport – Sports news, results and schedule

– That's right, but skiing is an ass. It's too bad, Christopherson said disappointed after failing to finish the second round of slalom in Schladming, which was held on Tuesday.

The race was a new crisis for the 24-year-old who struggled to find the top form this season.

There were many places behind the invincible Marcel Hirscher, and in the last races he did not come to the podium.

In Schladming he rode after lying in fifth place after the first lap, 1.15 seconds behind Hirscher.

Slammerman in Schladming was a rehearsal before the World Championships in the Aire starts on Tuesday, February 5th, in the Swedish Ore, but according to Henrik Christophersen, the World Cup is something now very few.

"I'm joking now, to be honest," he says.

– Incredibly disappointed

Instead, he now focuses on the full focus of the giant slalom at Garmisch-Partenkirchen during the weekend.

– There will be a full focus on the giant slalom, it will be. There will be two days training, so we'll see. The last slalom that I drove at Adelboden was pretty good, except by mistake in the second half, he says, and clarifies:

– I am not sorry that I am madly disappointed with my achievement. The first step towards solving the problem is to realize that someone has a problem. At least that's fine.

The head of the national team, Christian Mitter, is also sure that the problems facing Christophersen will now be resolved.

– All signs exist. I'm 100 percent confident that he will return. Soon it will be easier again. But right now it's a bit cumbersome, he admits.

– Just be afraid

Christophersen was not at the top of the podium, as he won the slalom in Kitzbuhel in 2018. This year's race became the fourth place.

It was particularly difficult to drive to Schladming, where he won the slalom race three times.

Hence, discouragement and disappointment were easy to read before the slalom of Norway.

"I lost everything in height, where I have always been good," confused Christophersen said.

Earlier this week, the feeder unit also created the noise when it was questioned whether it worked well enough for the Norwegian team.

"I do not know what to say, because, in any case, it's just about problems and problems in this regard," Christophersen comments.

The results were not particularly encouraging to other scholars in Schladming. Sebastian Vos Solleg was the best Norwegian performer in the 17th place, while Leif Christian Nevold-Hagen and Bjørn Brudevol had to see the last round of the sidelines.

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