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In an interview for NRK on Saturday afternoon, the chief of the Navy, Nils-Andreas Stensønes, may say that they finally got on board the accident officer of KNM Helge Ingstad.

"We just had four people aboard the bulls, and they were on board to retrieve data from the navigation system and mail order system that we will provide to the Government Commission on the Havoc case to help them determine what happened.

They were on the bridge, where one-third is under water. According to Stensønes, they did not fall on the ship.

Four people came from the Navy and returned to land around 18.00. They were on board for a few minutes and should be shot. Recordings can not be released yet.

"It is not certain whether anyone will come on board on Sunday. Most of the work is done from outside.

Today is also a mini-boat, which passed through the anchor points on the stern of the ship.

Frigate attached to the vaiere

COME TO BRONZE: One third of the bridge is under water. Despite that, four people managed to reach the Saturday afternoon.

Photo: Jakob Østheim / Armed Forces

He is afraid of damage to the ship

They are now planning a recovery campaign supported by Norske Veritas together with a storage company that will perform the actual operation. There is always material to be used for rescue.

"We are not sure when we can take the ship back, we need to know that we do not do much damage to the ship, which is why it is carefully planned, says Stensønes.

He is not sure if they will be able to complete the rescue operation.

"Nothing is safe in this situation, but I am an optimist and I believe that we will get it.

Six to ten vaiers are included

Works day and night to secure the frigate KNM "Helge Ingstad" after a collision with the tanker Sola TS night to Thursday.

Saturday is six out of ten vaiers, and the seventh must be on the way.

"When you have six events, you think the ship is relatively safe," says the head of communications at Navy Torill Herland on Saturday morning.

The next phase will be the wire tightening.

"There is no certainty as to what will happen when you tighten the wire, it must be slow but sure not to do any more damage – or leave the vessel.

Work to secure the frigate

NIGHT AND DAY: Work around the clock to secure the frigate.

Photo: Jakob Østheim / Armed Forces

Herland says the Armed Forces have too little knowledge of what's inside the frigate. They do not know how much water is on board and where the water is.

"Only when we put people on board will we learn more about how the ship can be stored.

The army used tugs to prevent the frigate from slipping off the land.

– I do not know what's happening to us

The Armed Forces will also send divers in the water and people aboard the frigate to check and assess the level of injury from close range.

"This will be the basis for the next phase, which will save the frigate," says Herland.

The possibility of sealing the hole in the hull and raising the frigate for the barge was considered. If it is possible, it is possible to move the frigate with the bar to protect the hook.

Frigate Helge Ingstad

SANK NESTEN: KNM Frigate Helge Ingstad was pushed ashore so as not to sink after a collision.

Photo: Jakob Østheim / Armed Forces

Herland claims, however, that the amount of damage will have much to say about how to store the frigate.

"We need more alternative options because we do not know what happens when we get tires."

The defense took over responsibility for the place of the police accident on Friday. Now ship Olav Tryggvason coordinates, which is the command platform, the operation.

There is also a reservation about acute pollution, and the Armed Forces have a Coast Guard with a deputy leader who is ready for remedies that can be implemented.

Sola TS flowed on

While work at Øygarden is still ongoing, the Sola TS tanker continues.

Two days after the collision in the frieze, the shipping company Tsakos Colombia confirmed that Shipmanagement S.A to NRK sailed to Britain on Saturday morning.

Sola TS, who collided with the frigate KNM Helge Ingstad

LOOK LIKE: SOLA TS collided with frigates by Thursday night. On Saturday morning the tanker sailed to Great Britain.

Photo: Lasse Wallace / NRK

The Armed Forces cooperate with the frigate

The purpose of the defense is to raise the frigate on the barge and transport it to Haakonsvern.

Photo: Jakob Østheim / Armed Forces

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