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– Huge responsibility lies with the trio of judges

LILLESTRØM (VG) (Lillestrøm – Mjøndalen 3–2) Judge Trigve Kensley admits that Meindal should have been sentenced to Arsenal prematurely. Coach Vegan Hansen is struggling to accept that the referee is not looking at the situation.

– Everyone sees that there are clear penalties and that is probably a red card. It is great the responsibility of a trio of judges with a quarter of judges to bring such things with them. I don't believe we can accept that they don't see it, "coach Myndalen told VG after a 2-3 defeat to Lillestrom.

The situation that Hansen is talking about happened two minutes before Arsenal. Olivier Ocean was overthrown by Tobias Salkvist. Judge Trigve Kensley waved the game even further.

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– Unfortunately, from my position I saw no crimes. But when you look at the TV pictures it turns out that we missed a penalty, Kensley wrote in a text message to VG.

Hansen told VG that Kensley said he did not see the situation when they talked together.

– Yes, that's his explanation. I told him, "Is it your job to look at things like this?" Most others have seen it, says Myndalen's coach.

– The sentence is clear. The judge doesn't see that. Clear penalties and red cards. It became another battle scene. He did not see the situation and then soon fired penalties for Lillestrom. It's strange, Okcean tells VG.

Acean and Salkvist discussed the punishment situation during the break:

The veteran scored twice in a meeting with Lillestrom at Arsenal, but failed to win.

The results of Arnor Smarasson and Simon Kidd Michalsen and Joaquim Olsen Solberg's goal ensured that Lillestrom scored three very important points in Monday's home match against Mjendelen.

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– It was dark. It's a bad day. Of course it's sour. We spent 50 minutes in the game, we didn't do as we had agreed, ackioakim Olsen told VG in the post-game press zone.

On the next question about how he thinks the journey home to Mzinal will change, he responds briefly and leads well.

With the victory, the Roman kingdoms take a small step away from the battle for relegation in the Elite series. LSC is now 21 points behind and has six points to Stabik in qualifying (one match less played).

Smarasson tells VG that everyone "knows" that they were very important points.

– It is important to be able to look up instead of down (on the table). It was a painfully important home win, says the VG Icelander in the post-match press zone.

– I really think we had pretty good control over the first 60 minutes. We got the fight where we wanted it. It's a little tricky to lie down and defend for the last 20-25 minutes. It is unnecessary. We have to get better at the end of the competition, ”adds Smarasson.

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– I think it was a nice match to watch and I'm glad we got three points. It is close (between teams) in the table. We have more to work on, and then we'll see what happens next week, says Lillestrim's guard Marko Maric, 23 – with a large bandage around his head and a bloody notch above his nose.

He endured this when he peeled his head in the right post in a desperate attempt to stop Olivier Oceane from falling to 2-3, with 20 minutes remaining.

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