Sunday , October 17 2021

"He is a false, unseen and earthly leader"

The head of the Norwegian oil company won the prize on Thursday.

HR Norway is an independent member organization for professional HR, both in the private and public sectors. The organization is an ideal membership organization with historical roots dating back to 1958.

The reasons for this award are: "The winner of the prize is described as a leader who shows a lot of energy and enthusiasm, he is a false, unimaginable and earthly leader who recognizes and appreciates employees at all levels of the organization. He has honesty and is the clear leader he listens to, which has helped him gain high recognition from his employees, partners, trade unions, owners and authorities. "

In the committee that chose the Hersvik prize, Tor Arnesen, chairman and former CEO of Norske Shell, Ingar Skaug, former CEO of Wilh, sat down. Wilhelmsen, Tove Selnes, HR Director Storebrand and Håvard Berntzen, offer a range of competence products, HR Norway.

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