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He claims Liverpool could have two matches on the same day

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Imagine Liverpool playing two matches, two different tournaments, two different continents – within 24 hours.

It has never happened before, but it can be the only solution.

After Liverpool beat Arsenal in an exciting League Cup match on Wednesday night, major logistical problems have arisen for the club.

Basically, the League Cup quarter-final will be played on December 17 or 18. There is only one major problem: Liverpool will play in the World Cup semi-finals on the same date. It is played in Qatar.

After defeating Arsenal, Klopp made clear what he thought of the situation.

– If they can't find a suitable date for us, and then I don't think of the first Christmas of three, then we can't play. Then our opponent goes on. "We do not want to be the victim of this problem," the Liverpool manager told The Guardian.

Two matches on the same day

What makes the situation extra demanding is that Premier League clubs have a pre-packaged Christmas program. In addition, the first round of the league cup semifinal is already played on January 7 and 8. Three weeks later a second round was played.

There is barely a moment in the calendar that allows the game to be played.

The Times claims that there was therefore talk between tournament organizers and Liverpool officials, with the suggestion that two matches be played the same day.

The information is also in accordance with the Telegraph.

It will probably be played in January

The League Cup final will be played on March 1. It will never move on, it has been confirmed.

At the same time, there is talk of moving to the Liverpool Quarterfinals the same week as the semifinal. But that does move the problem.

Then Liverpool should play the first semifinal when the latter is originally played (28 or 29 January). Liverpool's second semifinal match will then be moved to February.

If, however, Liverpool are to play two matches on the same day, many questions arise.

Liverpool will need a total of 36 players to stand up to 11 players on the pitch and 7 on the bench in both matches. So far this season, Klopp has used 29 players in all tournaments. In addition, it is uncertain who will lead the team in the various arenas.

The final words in the case have not yet been spoken. That's for sure.

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