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Fight for the future of the School Paul McCartney

PROPOSED: Paul McCartney is very upset that the school he was involved in establishing 24 years ago is now in danger of losing most of his existence. Photo by Kamil KRZACHZINSKI / AFP

Paul McCartney School is in danger of losing about $ 180 million in future state aid. The founder revolts against the English government and calls it "unreasonable".

– This is the work of my life. I helped start school in a very difficult time for Liverpool. Now it is a highly regarded institution all over the world, says Paul McCartney (76) according to Liverpool Echo and NME who also discuss this case.

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The renowned school, actually called the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), was told that state aid was reduced by 16 million pounds – or just under 180 million NOK over the next few years.

– An administrative mistake, says McCartney, who is heavily involved in this case.

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Initially, the decision that LIPA should lose state aid was already adopted in 2016. At that time, the school complained about the decision of the Office for Students – and won it forward. But then state aid was already granted to LIPA to other educational institutions. Now the case is being examined by the Office of the Ombudsman of the Parliament. What consequences is uncertain probable loss of income in the order of 180 million NOK for LIPA. School, where many Norwegians also studied.

"I really hope that the government corrects this mistake so we can continue this work in the future," said Paul McCartney of Liverpool Echo.

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A spokesman for the Office of Students Office of the newspaper confirms that there is an investigation on the road and that the institution cooperates with the Ombudsman. In addition, he has no comment.

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