Sunday , August 18 2019
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Facebook also listened to what you said

Microsoft, Google, Apple and Amazon have in recent weeks admitted to listening to audio recordings of their users. Whether through voice assistants, smart speakers or video calls.

Now it turns out that another Silicon Valley giant has been listening to users, namely Facebook. Conveys Bloomberg.

They listened to conversations made via Messenger

Like many other companies, Facebook listened to recordings of customer conversations and analyzed them through a third-party company that was engaged to transcribe what they heard.

In the case of Facebook, these are conversations made through the Messenger messaging app that were recorded and analyzed by a company called TaskUs. The goal was to make sure that Facebook's automated systems interpret what was said.

Facebook means that they stopped doing this a week ago and that the users who listened to them actively approved that their conversations could be used in analytics.

However, the terms of use of Facebook were rather vague and it was never clear that third-party companies would have access to their voice recordings.

That was what had led several sources to believe that the practice was unethical and made them disclose details to Bloomberg.

Not the first time

This is by far the first Facebook privacy crash. The 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal marked the beginning of a number of Facebook crises and has not improved as 50 million Facebook profiles have been hacked. Later that year, it was also revealed that the company shared millions of photos that were never supposed to be published before it was discovered this year that they kept millions of passwords unencrypted.

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