Sunday , October 24 2021

E6 was closed from the front to the front


Emergency data shifted on Friday between 15 and 15:30 on Friday for a road accident on the E6 in Buktamoen.

"Two cars collided at the front in the south of Buktamokrysset," said the operations manager in the Troms Police District at 3:40 PM.

– Three people involved. There is an uncertain number of injuries, but all three involved are sent to the Andslimoen Health Center for follow-up. The traffic is closed in both directions. Emergency data is in place, illuminates the police.

It has been reported that on Friday there is a slight delay in weather forecasts from cold to mild.

The police say the cause of the accident was bypass. It should start with the engine off, the car behind him stopped to help.

The car behind them should have been avoided again and collided with the meeting car.

Operational manager Kåre Munkvold in the Troms police district informs Nordlys that the three involved were transported to the Andslimoen health center for control.

Immediately after 16:00, the police report that one belt has been opened outside the accident site.

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