Sunday , October 17 2021

Dempsey acts as head coach and moves to England


It was in early October, when OBOS Kongsvinger's league club confirmed in the announcement that the head coach Mark Dempsey was badly reported for an indefinite period.

Espen Nystuen manager took the position of head coach in the season.

On Tuesday it turned out that Mark Dempsey acts as the main trainer with immediate effect.

Initially, the Englishman signed a contract with the club for 2020.

"I can confirm that we have moved back to England, as most people know, I have not felt well lately, and our daughter Maisie felt that things are hard." After careful and long consideration, we decided it was best to move to home, says Mark Dempsey to Glåmdalen.

Mark Dempsey has a long career as a football coach.

The Englishman was the main trainer and assistant coach in Haugesund, assistant coach in Molde, the main coach of the Swedish Djurgården and the main trainer at Start.

He took over Kongsvinger in July after dismissing from work at Start. Now Kongsvinger must look for a new head coach.

– The contract was terminated after KIL and I came to an agreement. But I must point out that Espen (Nystuen) was very helpful and forgiving in this difficult period and I really appreciate it, says Dempsey to Glåmdalen.

Kongsvinger finished eighth in this year's OBOS league with 42 points.

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