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Convicted 13-year-old in open street murder – VG

Convicted of murder: Belal Belal, 31, has been convicted of killing a 37-year-old man in Bierke in Oslo in 2017. He has been permanently expelled from Norway since 2008. Photo: Espen Rasmussen

Belal Belal, 31, was sentenced in February to 13 years in prison for killing a man in Bierke in Oslo in 2017. Now the Borgarting Court of Appeal has dismissed the appeal.

Like the Oslo District Court, the appeals court found him guilty of intentional homicide.

The 31-year-old defender, Attorney Trigve Staff, tells VG that the case will be appealed.

– The verdict is surprisingly one-sided. The convicts are determined to appeal the verdict, Stab says.

Belal was accused of punching and punching a 37-year-old man multiple times in the head while lying. The passers-by found the passage – bloody, ill-prepared and in danger of a head injury. He died in hospital two days later.

The fight broke out in Bierke in Oslo on July 17, 2017 over a dispute over the price of cocaine Belal was due to buy from the man killed.

Belal Belal has been permanently expelled from Norway since 2008 and previously convicted of violence against many. In 2015, VG called it "The Norwegian Man Did Not Get Free".

In 2015, after 10 years in Norway, he was convicted of violence against 11 people and robbed two more. In addition, he has threatened scores of people – civilians, police officers and prison staff.

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Bellal was sentenced to 13 years in prison for the murder

ASTEDET: Here, forensics are working on the scene in July 2017. Photo: John Olav Neswold / NTB Scan

The Borgarting Court of Appeal's judgment states that the defendant waived any responsibility for his actions throughout the case and in his reasoning before the Court of Appeal.

– He shows a little regret for wanting this
it did not happen and that he was not in the situation he is in now, the verdict said.

Bierke's murder came just eight days after Belal was acquitted of, among other things, serious bodily harm.

The appeals court emphasized in a mitigating light that the defendant and the offender were in combat before the murder took place. After the evidentiary hearing, the Court of Appeal cannot rule out that the offender started the fight by cutting the defendant into the face with a small blade with a knife.

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The killer allegedly proposed a minute of silence in court

According to the verdict, counsel Trigve Headquarters stated that a substantial deduction should be made in the sentence as a result of the defendant exceeding the threshold for emergency watchdogs and acting in justified indignation. The appellate court disagreed.

Bellal had previously claimed he did not know his last name and that he was from Algeria.

A police officer from the Police Immigration Unit explained to the Court of Appeal that police and immigration authorities had worked for 12 years to clarify the defendant's identity for deportation and that no country had approved his return.

According to police, the defendants in these 12 years have shown no willingness to cooperate to clarify their identity and therefore no prospect of a solution to expulsion
2007 will be implemented in the near future.

– The Court of Appeal appropriately assumes that the defendant is irreplaceable for the foreseeable future and that it must therefore be directed to the accused to return to Norwegian society.

The ruling shows that the minimum period is eight years. The refusal comes 842 days after a 31-year-old spent in custody.

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