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Controversial Austrians win Nobel Prize in Literature – Culture and Entertainment of the NQF

Forests and scandals at Svenska Akademine resulted in no award last year, so the awards for 2018 and 2019 were handed out on Thursday.

The Nobel Prize for Literature is the most prestigious literary award in the world. It is also profitable. Both winners will receive 9 million Swedish kronor.

Anders Olson, Per Westberg, Rebecca Card, Mikaela Blomqvist and Henrik Petersen

Committee chairman Anders Olson, Per Westberg, Rebecca Card, Mikaela Blomqvist and Henrik Petersen on Thursday.

Photo: Karin Weslen / AFP

– It is absolutely brilliant

2018 winner Olga Tokardzuk, 57, is one of Poland's best known living writers.

"Now I'm reading her new book and I have to say I'm thrilled," says NRC literature reviewer Martha Norheim.

The novel Move your plow over the bones of the dead

CURRENT BOOK: The novel "Before Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead" is nominated by Man Booker International and will be released in Norwegian on October 25th.

Photo: Guildendall Publishing House

Tokarzuk has won numerous awards, and is the first Polish author to receive the international Booker Prize when he won the novel Runners in 2018.

The 57-year-old has written eight novels and three short stories. Translated in 30 languages.

The Nobel Committee said of the award "for narrative ingenuity, which with encyclopedic passion represents a border crossing as a way of life".

– It has emerged in recent years as a name in Norway. She was known by other countries, but she was on all the lists at once, so she's absolutely brilliant, says grandmother Janeken Schwerland in the NRC studio.

Olga Tokardzuk

WINNERS OF THE YEAR 2018: Olga Tokardzuk.

Photo: Michele Tantusi / Reuters

– Almost it was a requirement for a female winner this year. The joy was great when we heard the name, but it was immediately overshadowed when the name Janke came soon after. The controversy surrounding Handek will devour all the attention, says literature journalist Sis Vick.

He loved and hated

For this, Peter Handke's award is the most sensitive to many and will be discussed.

Peter Handke, 76, is an Austrian playwright and author and is known as one of the most prominent authors in today's German literature. Handk has written prose, lyric, plays, auditions and essays.

Handk has written over 50 novels, short stories and plays. He received the Ibsen Prize in 2013, and the Austrian was greeted with a demonstration in front of the Oslo National Theater when he came to receive the award in 2014.

"They received me in a hostile way," he told the NRC at the time.

The writer and playwright have been charged with trivializing Serbian war crimes and for speaking at the funeral of former President and genocide advocate Slobodan Milosevic.

Hande speaks before Slobodan Milosevic's funeral.

DON'T PROFIT THIS: Funke speaks just before Slobodan Milosevic's funeral.

Photo: Street / AFP

On the other hand, Carl Ove Knaushard defends and considers Peter Handke one of the greatest in the world. He said he would win the Nobel Prize for Literature if it didn't work out the way it did. Well, now he got it.

You don't have to do a lot of internet searches to find some "eyebrow lifting" statements.

"I hate the Dalai Lama," he told DNA in 2014.

"I was very surprised and at the same time a little bit happy," said NRC literature reviewer Knut Hoom for the award.

Whether you love it or hate the "addictive horror" of Austrian literature, Peter Handke, you have to respect it, says Joem.

– There is literary writing with many twists and turns.

Peter Handke

NOK 9 MILLION WORSE: Peter Handke wins the 2019 award.

Photo: Georg Hochmut / AFP

Norwegian author: – Funke topped the list

Norwegian writer Tomasz Espedal is surprised that Hanke wins.

– Handke's writing is weak and weak, and he is getting it now at a time when he is not at the top. When I travel to German-speaking countries, many agree that Peter Handke has passed the summit, he told Espdal on the NQF.

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