Friday , October 22 2021

Avisa Nordhordland – Cricket year for the popular Lothepus


(BA): After the "Farmen" retreat, I write a book about Lothe, apart from the fact that he himself stopped concerts and performances of various kinds.

The Odd cowboy had an income of 6.7 million dollars, although the musical experience he can offer is not for everyone.

The winner of "Farmen" has a fortune of 6.4 million.

This year Lothepus invented a book entitled "Lothestrikk".

This would be his own promoter in connection with the Knarvik Center at the beginning of this autumn in connection with the opening of Ullveka. But Lothepus, who had been operating in Haukeland on Friday, had to cancel for health reasons.

Lothepus is very popular in Nordhordland and many will probably be satisfied with the returning Odda character.

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