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At a royal wedding – did not know the bride and groom

It has been two and a half years since Prince Harry, 36, finally got his lucky boyfriend, and gave his yes to the beautiful actress Megan Markle, 39.

The wedding took place on Saturday, May 19, 2018, where the prince and duchess became married at a wedding in St George George Chapel at Windsor Castle in London.

This was a very special guest of Prince Harry

This was a very special guest of Prince Harry

The day was as beautiful as expected at the royal wedding, and just hours before the wedding, guests began arriving. As it should be, there was a guest list with many guest stars, and the couple invited a number of great celebrities – who must have been good friends too.

However, now there are reports that claim that this was not the case.

WEDDING: Several celebrities were invited to the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle. Oprah Winfrey and the Beckham family were among several big names on the guest list. Video: AP
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He did not know the bride and groom

Among the celebrities who got dressed and visited Windsor were the super couple George (59) and Amal Clooney (42).

The information that came to light claims that the handsome Hollywood man and his wife admitted that they did not know the bride and groom, just a few seconds before the wedding, writes the Daily Mail.

GUESTS: George George and Amal Clooney were one of the many famous guests at the royal wedding. Photo: REX / NTB
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As a sign of their supposedly close relationship with the bride and groom, George and Amal were placed just a few feet away from the altar. Several people are now stunned, and according to journalist Rachel Johnson, Clooney should not have known the upcoming couple at all.

- That boring boy steals attention

– That boring boy steals attention

– It’s a story that revolves around the fact that while Caroline Bartholomew, Diana’s ex-roommate, was waiting for the ceremony to begin, she turned to the couple next door and asked how they knew Harry or Megan. “We do not,” the Clooney couple replied cheerfully, according to Accordingonson.

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In this way, Norwegians can save NOK 4.25 billion in interest costs

In this way, Norwegians can save NOK 4.25 billion in interest costs

It should also be mentioned that Clooney is known to be a bird of joke, but it is not yet known if he really meant what he said, or if he was in the corner of the joke.

SHOWMAN: Pastor Michael Curry created several reactions among those present during the wedding. “For the arch-conservative Britons, he may have been a little too much, but it reflects a lot on who Megan and Harry are,” said Seu and Herr expert Carolyn Vagl. Video: AP
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Famous guests

Carolyn Bartholomew is Harry’s godmother and was one of three women who shared Diana’s apartment in Earl Court. She won one of the best seats in the house, just opposite Prince William, 38, and Prince Charles, 71.

- She is persecuted and injured

– She is persecuted and injured

Johnson further describes that there were a number of other celebrities who were invited, including Oprah Winfrey (66), Ames Corden (42) and British superheroes David (45) and Victoria (46) Beckham, who “could not be old and dear friends of the bride and groom ».

Oprah and Serena Williams, 39, were near Clooney, while David, Victoria, James Corden and his wife were far away.

GIFT: In May 2018, Prince Harry and Duchess Megan gave their yes to a very romantic and magnificent wedding. Photo: NTB
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They opened their homes

George George and Amal Clooney were also among the 200 on the exclusive guest list for the wedding party, which later took place at Frogmore House. Org is said to have danced there with both Duchess Megan and Duchess Kate, 39.

There has long been little disagreement over whether the Clooneys know the prince and the Duchess.

- Put a babysitter for Clooney twins

– Babysitter for Clooney twins

In Finding Freedom, the duke’s autobiography, George George and Amal twice opened their British home in Sonning, Oxfordshire, for Megan and Harry.

The book also states that the Hollywood couple invited their royal friends to a private holiday home on Lake Como in Italy, just weeks after the wedding, where it is said that the duke’s couple flew on a George George plane.

PROUD: Duchess Megan and Prince Harry are grateful that Covid-19 made them travel less – they brought with them several milestones for their son Archie. Video: Malala Fund
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– George George is drowned

George Clooney was for many years one of the most sought after bachelors in the world and had a number of high profile relationships with various beauties.

But then, in October 2013, the beautiful 16-year-old girl hit Amal and suddenly the pipe got a completely different song.

After only half a year as boys, the star of “Ocean Eleven” fell to his knees and proposed to the top lawyer. And in the autumn of the same year, they gave each other a yes, in what was considered the biggest wedding of the year, at a romantic ceremony in Venice, Italy.

The Obama family on a secret luxury vacation with George Clooney

The Obama family on a secret luxury vacation with George Clooney

In the summer of 2017, George George and Amal were able to release a standing ovation when they became parents for the first time.

– This morning Amal and George George greeted the twins Ella and Alexander Clooney in the world. Ella, Aleksandar and Amal are fresh, happy and well, the then spokesman of the couple announced for “People”.

“George George is drowned, but he should be caught again in a few days,” the spokesman joked.

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