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Asking for a squeeze ban for the gang “Every time we meet” – V.G.

PHOTO MONTAGE: TV 2 had to do tricks with the “group image” of the Westre Kjernes farm. Left: Sol Heilo, Kristel Alsos, Uni Wilhelmsen, Halvdan Sivertsen, Marion Ravn, Chris Holsten, Frida Annevik, Admiral P, Bjarn Brandobo, Bertin Zetlitz, Kurt Nielsen, Jesse Clevehln, Jess Cleveland E, Bakva, Jonas Field, Paul “OnclP” Tyen, Eva Well Scrum, Strange Nordstoga, Silja Nimoen, Hans Peter Asarud, Inger Lise Ripdal. Sigwart Dagsland, Henning Quitnes, Shivind “Winnie” Sovik and Elizabeth Andreassen. Photo: Vegard Bray, TV 2 (EDIT)

Gathering all the anniversaries “Every time we meet” in one image was impossible with the crown rules. The recording itself was also challenging.

As the picture above shows, the only way was to collect all 29, capture them individually, and then mount them together in a group image.

There were a number of practical challenges when shooting in the middle of the corona parody, with all the restrictions imposed.

“Among other things, we had to expand the table in the barn where the artists sit so that we could follow the rules of distance,” program editor Katherine Haldorsen told VG.

She says they have worked closely with infection control experts.

“We also had a good dialogue with the municipal doctor in the municipality of Wohler,” Haldorsen said.

RADAR COUPLE: Cave Bakva and Silja Nimoen on their way to filming in August. Photo: Vegard Bray / TV 2

The recording of the regular “Every time we meet” was postponed from the beginning of the summer on August 17, in order to make the necessary plans to control the infections. But this made him almost collide with the anniversary.

Silja and Cave are the hosts

It goes without saying that not all 29 anniversaries get a place in every program, so many come and go along the way. Two hosts were given the task of ensuring some “stability”. In the first programs, Silja Nimoen (42) and Cave Bakva (40) are the hosts.

– It was a bit strange not to be able to squeeze in a “squeeze program”. The setting is very similar to gang clamps, Silja told VG.

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As he gradually got used to the conditions at a distance, it was more difficult for Cave Bakva.

– I hated that we could not squeeze. Everyone fought and moaned about it very often during their stay. We were like a pack of penguins, walking towards each other with their wings outstretched, fluttering their wings at least illustrates to each other that the thought of squeezing is there, he says.

The most important thing was for everyone to feel safe and cared for.

“For a bunch of weird artists, it’s important that someone cares, and that was absolutely the case,” Nimoen said.

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Bacca is impressed that the production managed to have control without compromising the quality of the recording.

– We even had a nice, patrol sheriff sent by the medical school to stay within whose or when we moved the boundaries a bit, he explains.

Hosting halfway through the season was an honor for both of them.

“It was something I took very seriously – despite how rude Silja and I were and still are,” jokes Bakva.

– Exactly in the bubble

It has been two years since they both last joined.

– To be there again with Cave, as if we had not left there at all. “We went straight into the bubble,” Nimoen said.

However, she started her stay by breaking the image of the band from the first season. All groups of participants were framed and arranged. Bacchus had to show up with the cheat board.

– Off, is it possible? Not very worldly behavior, says Nimoen and laughs.

– It was an accident – and yes, a little awkward. But I hope the season 1 team can forgive me. I’m going to buy a new frame.

In all, more than 40 artists, including surprise guests, visited the western Cairns farm outside Moss in just over a month and registered for both rounds. In addition, came production staff, stylists, bands and other crew.

But there have never been so many people visiting the farm at the same time.

Test and insulation

The production made assessments and measures continuously during the filming.

– Prevention of infection was the highest priority. “We performed the procedures several times in accordance with the isolation infection control plan, and in one case a test,” Haldorsen said.

The channel does not say who it was. Either way, it certainly’s dramatic.

Haldorsen adds that the threshold is low for implementing measures and for canceling and changing plans given the increased risk of infection.

– All visitors had conversations with the person responsible for infection control on arrival, and only those who were supposed to be present during the actual filming were allowed to enter the barn.

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Asked how they managed to accommodate so many people in the same place, the director of the TV 2 program answered that most of them spent the night on the farm, while some came and traveled again the same day.

– It was definitely a “marathon for bed linen change”, but also a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the premises between each guest. With good planning, this went very well.

All artists in the anniversary season were encouraged to test before staying. Key production personnel were also tested in advance.

The starting date for the anniversary is November 6. During the eight Fridays before Christmas, former acquaintances of “Every time we meet” will dive into each other’s songs. The scheme differs from the usual in that no one is an honorary guest.

The regular season “Every time we meet” has premieres in the new year. All seven artists were crowned before they arrived.

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