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Arrested for killing rapper Nipsey Hassle

TGO: Rappers Nipsy Hasle was only 33 years old and left behind the girl and their three-year-old child. Photo: GREGG DEGUIRE / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

Police confirmed the suspected 29-year-old was arrested Tuesday night, two days after the killing, which rocked the US music industry.

This is confirmed by the police Los Angeles on Twitter. The suspect, Eric Holder, 29, was arrested by local police in Belflower, California, just before 11:30 pm Tuesday night, in Norwegian times, writes CBS Los Angeles.

Police thank the community for the vigilance and awareness of this issue.

Police were summoned to surrender earlier on Tuesday.

He is suspected of shooting and killing Grammy nominee Nipsey Hasle, 33, before a clothing store on Sunday.

Two other people were also shot. Their condition must be stable.

The killings sent shockwaves through most of the entertainment industry in the United States, and several larger stars entered social media to celebrate the late family, including John Legend, Rihanna and Drake.

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Police chief Michel Moore told a news conference Tuesday that police suspect that there was disagreement between the suspects and the deceased and that they knew each other, the Washington Post reported.

"It seems to be a personal matter between the two, and I'm not saying anything more than that," he said.

The police chief believes the suspects had approached him before leaving, and then returned with a pistol.

The suspected 29-year-old man should leave the place with an unknown female driver.

Husle, who is actually called Ermijas Asheed, leaves behind a girl and their three-year-old child. She also leaves a daughter from a previous relationship.

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