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Alexander, 32, gave up his permanent job in the country – he moved to Vietnam to make crypt pets

It's lunch Tuesday morning. June 12, 2018. Alexander Leonard Larsen, 32, is on a plane in Vietnam. He has never been there before. He was not at all in Asia.

Not long after he resigned from the Ministry of Security and Service of the Ministries (DSS).

The 32-year-old has taken life for the most part, some may say the best solution. He will develop a game platform for crypt pets and virtual land. The girl returned to Norway.

– There is no one who makes that change. Working in the state is certainly like the bank. I started to be a little more than 30 years old, and before we get kids and things, we need an adventure, says Larsen when the LTO meets home in Norway.

The national team in computer games

In 2011, Larsen left the BI. He started in the DSS and climbed into the ranks. He became a middle manager. At the same time, he had quite different interests. Larsen was passionate about video games and was in the representation of popular games Warcraft 3, Dota and Dota2. It can not say so much, but taste this:

The biggest Dota2 tournament in 2018 had a cash prize totaling $ 25.5 million. The final was spotted by nearly 15 million people through streaming services, including the Amazon-owned Twitch.

"I was also very fascinated by blocking chains, but I've never been able to see how it can be used in a good way," he says.

Then he encountered something called "unique tokens" and the game CryptoKitties. DN previously wrote about this global, very popular game, which Norwegian Eirik Ulversøy is the world's biggest player with over 100,000 kryptons. Alexander Larsen liked the game, and even got a cat named after him, but he, like some others, wanted to do more than the game than the founders.

Eventually he came in close contact with other players, eight Vietnamese and one American.

– We talked together for months. They made the game and I realized they were great. I was offered to join there after they sold estimates for $ 400,000 in ten weeks, says Larsen.

He packed his bag and sat on a plane in Ho Chi Minh City. Now he is the operating director and co-owner of Aksi Infinity.

This animal was sold for 160,000

In short, Axie Infinity is a gaming platform built on block technology where you can buy and sell crypt pets (virtual) and virtual land. There are no more than 1600 users on the platform, but commitment is high. And not only is the readiness to buy.

This is Venom. It's sold for 160,000 NOK. It has a special bite and a special coat that increases the value.

This is Venom. It's sold for 160,000 NOK. It has a special bite and a special coat that increases the value.
(Photo: Screen shots by

– The most expensive "ax" was sold for 115 ether, which is about 18,700 dollars, says Larsen.

That's about 160,000 NOK.

  • After about a year of work, Axie Infinity sold crypto pets and virtual lands for a total of $ 900,000 (NOK 7.6 million).
  • The company received a convertible loan of $ 100,000 from a Silicon Valley investor.
  • Last month, crypto-pets sold 1.3 million NOK on the platform. The company charges a fee of 4.25 percent per transaction, which means the company entered the amount of 55,000 NOK last month.
  • On the platform you can pair two pets if you have enough money and points. You can buy land and crypt pet can fight each other. You can also buy a wealth of chests that cost hundreds of dollars.

– It's completely unheard of getting such an engagement. The only way you can get such an involvement with so few players is that you have made a value of really nothing. People get an emotional connection with the characters that are so strong, says Larsen, who displays the DN video of one of the players tattooing a pet on the back of the self-produced rap song.

– They should not know that it is a crypto currency

– I think that those who think that there are only speculations in the crypt, have to open their eyes a little. Now there really are products, says Larsen.

Paying thousands of dollars for characters and land on a game built on block technology and crypto currency may sound crazy to many. But in reality, it's not so different from paying to advance in games like Farmville, Candy Crush and Pokemon Go. Even Prime Minister Erna Solberg is an avid player in the last two.

Although the game is built on block chains, Larsen and Aksi want to look "ordinary".

– They should not know that it is a crypto currency. You should be able to sign a regular email address and buy a regular currency rating. Then you can get rid of ridiculous obstacles by having to transfer the crypto from one stock exchange to another, having a private key and all that, he says.

Here, three crypto pets fight another three crypto pets.

Here, three crypto pets fight another three crypto pets.
(Photo: Screen shots by

In games released by traditional gaming companies, you will rarely get any value if you have paid for something in the game. It should be possible at Axie Infinity. You should also be able to transfer your pets to other games. It becomes a kind of digital property.

– I usually compare it with football cards or art. Why not have to digitally also have their own buildings, says Larsen.

Norwegian salary

Larsen says coexistence is not delighted to take him on a t-shirt when he encounters LN. Right now they are building two houses in Motaten in Oslo. Larsen is ten weeks in Asia and five weeks in Norway.

– What does the rest of the family say about the work?

– They started to try to try to evangelize block technology every time we speak.

– Can you live on it?

– Yes, I am earning a Norwegian salary. Otherwise, it would be completely outdated, he says.

– So, not for the idealistic reasons that you do it?

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