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– Absolutely incredible – VG

(Liverpool – Manchester City 3: 1) Manchester City called for a penalty when the ball hit the hands of Trent Alexander-Arnold. 22 seconds later it was Liverpool who could cheer for goals.

It was Liverpool's first of three goals, with Manchester City "only" scoring one.

– It is a massive victory against our closest rival in the league. Playing such a match and getting that result is enormous for us, says Andrew Robertson in an interview with TV 2.

Right: – A lot

A 3-1 win means Liverpool pull themselves to the top of the Premier League. The team has 34 points in 12 games (11-1-0), eight more than Leicester and Chelsea – and nine more than the reigning champions Manchester City.

– We are in a good position, but we know that everything can change quite quickly. Busy times are coming, we should all have them, but we're very pleased with the three points we got today, says Virgil van Dyke.

Jürgen Klopp was a happy man:

– The intensity of the fight was wild. It was wild. City were good, we had to defend ourselves with everything we had, but we scored incredible goals. For some goals … The guys were focused all the time, and what they did today was absolutely amazing. That is how we can beat Manchester City, says the Liverpool manager, who now leads the internal duel against brain champion Pep Guardiola with 9–7 (two draws).

On the other hand was the frustrated Guardiola. Twice, he thought his team should have been penalized, the first straight in front of Liverpool's 1-1.

– Ask Mike Riley (the judge) and his people, please, is a brief comment by Guardiola on what he thinks about it, reports the BBC.

SURE: Pep Guardiola. Photo: CARL RECINE / REUTERS

At the same time, he was pleased with the game to his own team.

– Congratulations to Liverpool. They scored three, we made one, but I'm so salty for my team. There are very few teams that can come here and play like we did, says the manager of the Spanish Manchester City.

22 fatal seconds

Already in the sixth minute, he took the boy to the huge gigantic neighborhood of Anfield.

When the match clock showed 05.04, Sergio Aguero ran against referee Michael Oliver and called for a penalty after the ball was handed to Liverpool's Trent Alexander Arnold.

It is worth noting that the ball ended there, after first striking Bernardo Silva's hand. Judge Oliver waved the game even further.

– It's WAR, it hit me, but I think it hit Bernardo Silva first. You have to play, says Trent Alexander-Arnold.

DISCUSSION: Manchester City players were unhappy with Liverpool's 1-1 goal. Photo: Peter Byrne / PA Wire

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22 seconds later the ball was on the opposite side. Ilkay Gundogan is crossing into the opponent's box. 25-26 yards from goal, Fabiano used a touch to set the ball upright – before firing hard into the right corner of Ederson Claudio Bravo's replacement.

VG Live: Read the full summary of the match here!

Effective Liverpool

It was no more than six minutes before Liverpool could cheer for another score.

The Alexander-Arnold striker with the left (!) Was described as a "seasonal passer-by" by Liverpool legend Phil Thompson on TV 2. The match was played by opposite back Robertson, who sent the post in the back against Mohamed Salah.

The Egyptian fled from Angelino, lowered his head and could celebrate his sixth result of the season.

Liverpool's deadly efficient 2-0 lead before the quarter-final, but Manchester City had a very good chance to score. Three times before the first 45 ended Sergio Aguero's advantage, but the Argentine striker still has to wait for his first goal at Anfield.

– It's one of the best football games I've ever seen in my time. There are two teams that are so capable offensively, said Thomas Mihre in the live VG show.

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Frustrated Guardiola

Liverpool scored their first two chances in the first half and continued similarly in the second. In the sixth half, Jordan Henderson broke to the right and made a perfect run to the back. There, Sadio Mané came forward, struck the ball towards the goal, and Bravo could not keep it out.

Manchester City continued to be within Liverpool, and finally got down when Bernardo Silva dropped the ball down the line after Angelino's goal with just over ten minutes left.

A few minutes later City called for a new penalty when Sterling dropped the ball into Alexander-Arnold's hand from a meter, but Oliver let it go again – to Guardiola's great frustration.

The City manager pointed two fingers in the air and screamed "twice", while others on the City bench seemed to laugh sarcastically.

No more goals.

Pep Guardiola and Co. should leave Liverpool with a humiliating 1-3 defeat in the luggage, and Manchester City remain at 25 points. She is 4th in the table, one point behind Chelsea (3rd) and Leicester (2nd).

At the very top, Liverpool are scoring 34 points, and if the Merseyside club retains the result of the season, they could cheer for gold in May 2020. This will be the first time in 30 years.

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