Saturday , January 16 2021

A man in hospital after a plane crash: The glass dome disappeared

ACCIDENT: The man is transported to a hospital by cutting his head after an accident with a sailor. Photo: Lars Brown Niedland

A man was transferred to a hospital with cuts on his head, after the glass cupola over the cockpit broke and disappeared.

Only after three o'clock the police received a message about the plane crash Elverum.

Police say the sailor's pilot is on his way to the hospital in Hamar with an ambulance hospital after a plane crash.

– The extent of the injury now is that the pilot has one head cut and is aware. During the air traffic, the glass dome loosened to protect the pilot. The pilot has been reduced in this regard, Arne Norevik, an operations manager, writes in the police police Inlandt in a press release.

The pilot even landed the plane at Starhamen Airport in Elverum. The cause of the accident is currently uncertain.

AIBN is notified of the connection.

Steiner Ockenholt, airport manager at Starhamen Airport, says it is too early to conclude what happened, but injured from the injuries are likely to come from the plexiglass of the dome.

– When the plane landed, the canopy disappeared. The plexiglass is probably broken and led to injuries to the pilot, says Staramoen to VG.

Oxenholl is also a department head and navigator at the Norwegian Aviation Authority and says it is unusual for the dome to disappear and that it will investigate what can happen.

"Of course we are happy that everything ended up so well," said the manager of the airports.

The head of the Norwegian Flit Technology Organization, Andreas Sundt, says the glass dome is not part of the carrier's structure.

"It's not particularly dangerous if it's open," says Sundt of VG.

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